Devcamp beta is now open — come and join us

Devcamp beta (0.2)
Devcamp is created to empower developer ecosystem, raise awareness and deliver developer needs. We believe developer is the main key to disrupt innovation and world’s business.

We start Devcamp on 2 February 2017–4 years after we founded Apppi. At that time, our developer team at Apppi drive innovation by create strong technology framework and work with multi-regional tech companies. We want to share our knowledge to the community by organize lot of meetup and joint event with many tech communities in Bangkok i.e. iOS Dev, GDG Thailand, Thai Programmer Association and more. We see lot of potential and momentum in local and regional developer communities.. and some challenge communities might facing thought.

From past year, Bangkok’s developer communities got huge conferences — 2 of it reach 1000 developers with international speakers from around the world. Google I/O Extended Bangkok (above) Droidcon Bangkok (below)

We got lot of feedback from tech company / developers / community manager from past events, I can list 3 challenges key to make developer ecosystem great and sustainable.

1. Lack of stakeholders (developers, experts and tech companies) :

From rising of startup / tech scene in Bangkok and Asia leads to not enough developer and experts to fill demand of software development for IT side of each company. This is to biggest challenge because developer is job for this century driven by technology. On the developer perspective, they want to find good company that they feel comfortable to work with and little of passionate culture and perks.

First thing we do to solve this big problem is we need to identify developers, experts and companies. We start member section on Devcamp for developers, companies and communities, to gather all data and information to identify and matching ecosystem’s need. The more developer profile + company team + job open = the more matching of each stakeholders.

One step closer to solve this problem we still aware that Developer isn’t enough in term of demand / supply. Then we create platform to educate them.. not only the job and career platform .. this leads to problem no 2.

2. Better learning platform to create more quality developers :

To increase number of developers supply, we have to make new grad / entree level developers learn to code and make things faster than before. We create community section open for every communities to use it for FREE. Community owner will get access to community admin account which can manage community member, create events, open registration form, receive post event feedback and able to have record of speakers material and recorded video. All of it is easy to use and customize automatically from our system, no need for any single line of code.

It’s perfect tools for developer community and it’s just a start. We are considering for paid-event system, 3rd party site plugin i.e., eventbrite and eventpop.. tell us what do you think, we love to hear feedbacks from you.

3. Scale up

To grow the community together with scale up tech company and startup are the combination we have to improve at a time. Making revenue is really important for every company as much as how to drive company to that stage. We want to empower company generate revenue faster and better by going into right direction i.e. how to make user acquisition in the right way , how to scale infrastructure using cloud service or even little things like right technology stack for your product.

We will launch training section and partner with incubator to run the program to support startup and tech companies in near future. Keep an eye on us. :)

This is simple roadmap from Devcamp which will start rollout in full version this year.
Developer ____ Company ____ Community ____ Incubator

PS. we are looking for grow Devcamp in reginal scale. contact us to join this journey.