Big Tech Companies or Startups?

Celine Surai
Dec 20, 2020 · 4 min read
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If you are in a career in technology, you have probably faced this dilemma when it comes to which company to work for.

People often find it hard to turn down an offer from a big tech company over a startup that people do not even know about. In fact most people prefer to work at either one of the big tech companies say, Facebook, Apple, Amazon or Google. A hot new startup like Zoom for instance, is also becoming a favorite choice for people when it comes to choosing which company to work for. I am personally guilty of this, but oh well over time I have come to learn, that there is more to a name, and these companies have different pros and cons.

We are going to have a look at the pros of each of the two options and hopefully this helps you decide which company is for you!

Pros of working at a startup

1. You Get More Opportunities of Career Growth

This is unlike working at big tech companies where there are many employees in managerial positions and such opportunities for growth are low and even when they open up, you still find yourself so low in the food chain.

2. You are Able to Work in Different Tech

While this can be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage depending on where you are in your career. For someone who is just getting started it helps you figure out your interests and also learn what you enjoy doing. Personally, I discovered, that I enjoy doing frontend work more. If you are someone who enjoys working on different projects and explore, this could also be for you!

3. You Get to Have More Ownership of a Project.

This is the opposite in startups. See, this fall I worked at a startup and I was able to take on whole projects by myself even if I was just an intern! Through this experience, I got to learn a lot of things faster, something which would rarely happen if I had been just a small contributor in a bigger company.

Pros of working in Big Tech

1. You Get Brand Recognition.

2. You Get More Stability.

Startups on the hand are not stable, which means a company might go out of business any day. Some employees are sometimes even forced to go without pay.

Living in unprecedented times, especially due to the pandemic, we have witnessed people lose jobs and the rate of unemployment has been an all time high! You would definitely want more job security!

3. You Get More Mentorship Opportunities.

Moreover, you often find that these companies have mentorship programs unlike startups where you mostly have to figure things out on your own.

Your Choice

So which company would you prefer to work for? Feel free to air your views on the comments:)


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