DevC Nairobi Meetup #2

I wanted to give this story the title, Bot Nation, because we were all about the Bot this time round! *cheering crowd* Yes! That’s right! Despite the chilly weather on the 5th of May a good number of you awesome people showed up, and if you did, we can agree Bot Nation was lit! Haha

Awesome peeps!

As always, it was happening at the iHub, as from 6:20Pm. Oh, and I must say that the iHub is looking really good since they finished doing the interiors of the 6th Floor. We were stepping on shiny floors, quite literally, with a touch of a wet-look finish. See, it was lit! 😃 . First thing a majority of us did at the door, was to ask our able DevC Nairobi Bot to RSVP us, otherwise you wasn’t going to get in the party, No.

No Bot, No Party

Well, for the few who didn’t have messenger installed, we used the traditional RSVP Gforms to get in. At least everyone will get some swag (schwag).

Our meeting kicked off a little late, but we’d like to blame it on the weather 😃 Nandaa, our lead at DevC Nairobi gave a brief introduction and we were all set to get into the meetup agenda.

Prof. Nandaa

We had Joy Warugu and Jacky Kimani presenting on React.

Now, if you’re not familiar with React, React is a JavaScript Library for building User Interfaces. You can get your hands dirty by having a look at this tutorial OR if you missed the presentation, here’s the link from Joy and Jacky. A debate was almost ensuing on these lovely ladies’ presentation from the audience, and to keep time, we had to move on to the next presentation, as Japheth Obala will put out the fires in our next meetup.

Meet Joy and Jacky.

Right, did I mention the chicken rolls were sumptuous? Better luck next time 😊

Smiles after being well fed..

Next we had Mitchel Kelonye.

Mitchel Kelonye

Mitch introduced us to Elm, a programming language that compiles to JavaScript. CoffeeScript and Babel are family and friends of Elm. Elm is great because you get to write the entire front-end in one language and It is easy to write reactive applications in Elm. Mitchel’s presentation can be found here. Happy Learning!

Mitch presenting on Elm.
Meet Japheth

Japheth Obala took us on a journey of how he learned to build Routers. He Read Code. Researched. and Built one. I wish I could tell his story, but I’d probably do a bad remix, haha. Please make a point of attending the meetups to engage with everyone intellectually, socially, and pretty much just have a good time. Checkout Japheth’s github for more, and make a date with us as he also demystifies the Virtual DOM on React in our next meetup.

Japheth presenting on Elm…
Following keenly…

Important things to note.

Our next meetup is scheduled for 2nd June 2017. We shall put up more details as we near the day. If you’re not familiar with our Facebook group kindly have a look here and join, we would love to have you engage with us. Follow us on Twitter @devcnairobi and lets keep the conversations going.

We out!
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