What I Use — My Tools of Trade

gideon bamuleseyo
Sep 16, 2019 · 2 min read

So, Stephen Senkomago Musoke challenged us here to write about our Tools of trade after he shared his in this post on his website. In this post, therefore, I will be sharing with you the tools I use day to day.



  • VSCode. Every day, any day, any time, anywhere. I love this text editor. Simple and lightweight. VSCode has grown in popularity and has a rich community of users. Many awesome plugins have been developed for this text editor as a result.
  • iTerm2. Very awesome terminal for MacOs.
  • Yarn. I am JavaScript junkie and for my packages, this is my go-to manager.
  • Homebrew. This is what I use to install my software. I am a terminal person.
  • Spotify. For music, this is my software. I love Spotify.

Those are some of my main daily tools. There are, however, many more Software tools that I use such as Slack, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc that I have not listed because the list would be endless if I did.

I would love to give a mention to Safeboda. I use Safeboda for transport to work and I love what they are trying to build. Safeboda is not only modernizing and making boda transportation safe but also represents the brilliance we have in Uganda. I, therefore, urge Ugandan developers to pick a leaf. We can change our Country one line of code at a time.

Thank you for reading this article, if you loved it, give it some claps and please do feel free to share what your day to day tools are.

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gideon bamuleseyo

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Developer Circle Kampala

Our blog, our stories, our celebration.

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