Building SMS Applications using Africa’s Talking Platform

Alu Shaks
Alu Shaks
Feb 17 · 3 min read

The first thing you will need to do is go to Africa’s Talking platform using this URL:

Once you get to the homepage look out for the Login button:

Africa’s talking home page

Clicking on the login button leads you to….., yes the login page.

Africa’s talking login page

In our case, we will we register a new account, after filling in your details submit and make sure to verify your email.

Create New Team

Am sure you will come up with a better Team Name.

Select Team

How’s it going so far? quite simple right?

Create App

Once you click on Create App you need to fill in a name for the app and the username associated to it. Make sure to put the correct region you are in.

New App Details

The work starts now:

Click on App

To get started click on Docs

I would recommend going through all the tutorials but for now, let look at sending an SMS

Follow the steps show below:

Getting Started with Sending SMS
  1. Click on SMS
  2. Click on Sending
  3. Click on Code Samples

You can then pick a language of preference in this case we are going to use PHP

SMS Sending PHP

You will need to change the $username,$apikey, Type in the recipient/s and by default $from=”AFRICASTKNG”

So how do you get your API?

Generating an API Key
  1. You got to Settings under Dashboard
  2. Click on API Key
  3. A window opens for you to enter your password, enter and click on generate. Once the API is generated keep it safe.
  4. You can then enter it in the code above and run it after customizing it to best suit you.
/..Sample Code for Sending SMS

And you know what the best part of using Africa’s Talking your account has already been credited and once hit run your “recipient” receives the text.

Recipient Receives Text

Happy coding!

Special thanks to Wiza Jalakasi and Africa’s Talking Ltd for the lessons.

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Alu Shaks

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Alu Shaks


Developer Circle Lusaka

This is the official medium Publication for Developer Circles Lusaka

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