Linux VS Windows, Your Choice?

The most popular question among the budding Developers

“Linux: A Developer’s Wingman”

When a student steps into the world of developing for the very first time, he comes across a very strange term, the LINUX. At least, that was true for me! Most of us are left wondering what the hell is meant by Linux.

So, today in this article, we are going to knock the door of Linux, and the windows of Windows, if you know what I mean 😂. We are going to know what Linux is, what are the differences between Linux and Windows, and by the end of this article, I am sure that you will be able to make the perfect choice for you.

Knocking the 🚪 of Linux

From the title, it should be easily deducible as to what Linux is. If not, then allow me to help you. It is a family of Open Source Unix-Like Operating Systems, based on the Linux Kernel. All Lost 😕. Don’t worry, let me try once more. The Linux basically acts as an alternative to Windows, without the diamond-like 💠 price of Windows.

Now you must be thinking, what a fool I am. Haven’t you heard of the term, Pirated Version? Then, let me tell you, that I have heard it and in fact, I have also used a pirated version for around 6 years of my school life. So, why I am writing this article in the first place?

This is because of 2 main reasons. The first is that, in a pirated version, there are many downsides, like highly prone to malwares, inaccessibility to many official packages, and much more. And the second, which is on a higher priority than the first, is that, a distribution of Linux, will offer you much more features and advantages than even the official version of Windows. Now, I think that I have convinced most of you guys, that you should care 💅 indeed.

So, let’s go over a few advantages that Linux offers over Windows, 1️⃣ by 1️⃣

Inclination towards Open Source

Let me ask you a very simple question ❓What if, you went to buy a car, and you don’t get to see what is under the hood! Someone might end up offering you a Lamborghini 🚗, with a Tata Nano engine.

That same very principle can be applied here. You can buy an official Windows, but you will never have access to it’s source Code. On the other hand, Linux is completely an Open Source Project, and you can not just have a look at it, but can also change it, having the right skills.

Better Security

This is another important reason why people choose Linux over Windows. Linux is very well secure, as it is easy to detect bugs 🐛 and fix, whereas Windows has a huge user base, so it becomes a target of hackers to attack windows system. Linux sure isn’t invulnerable, but it is a lot more secure, when compared to Windows.

Compatibility with Programmers

Here, comes the most important reason for you to consider Linux over Windows, in case you are a Programmer. Linux supports almost all of the major programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, and more). Moreover, it offers a vast range of applications useful for programming purposes.

And the 🍒 on top of it, is the LINUX TERMINAL, which is a breeze to use over Window’s command line for developers. It’s like comparing the latest Hyundai i20, with a bicycle. On a side note, if you haven’t checked out the new i20, do check it out guys 😂. You would also find that many libraries developed natively for Linux.

Software Updates

Here, comes the worst part of Windows, that Linux tackles down gracefully. The most hated, none other than the, WINDOWS UPDATES. You don’t have even the slightest idea, as to how much time it may take, and when Windows will just start updating. On the other hand, Linux updates are completely sweet & tameable like a 🐶. You can do them whenever you want, and a simple re-start of the computer will mark the end of the process of updates.

Also, Microsoft pushes a software update when it receives a set of problems or if something major needs to be fixed. And, for this reason, your system potentially breaks with an update or you end up waiting for an update to fix your issue for a significant amount of time.

However, with Linux, you would observe software updates to address every little bug and most of which isn’t system-breaking if you’re using an LTS (Long Term Support) version of a distribution.


And if you are still reading, and still aren’t convinced if Linux is the right choice for you, then I am sure that this would be the end of your confusion.

Every programmer’s & developer’s life revolves around the concept of Customization. Customizing current code samples, current software, current applications, current websites, and what not! With that one expects, to get a customizable system as well. And Linux shines here very brightly too, just like my girlfriend 👧 shines every morning. Just kidding 😂, Guys!

If you like tweaking your system’s looks, Linux is just perfect for you. Apart from installing themes, you also have tons of beautiful icon themes. Needless to say that you can do a lot around wallpapers in Linux.

Variety of Distributions

To conclude the article, I would like to present one of my other favorite points. There are no flavors of Windows. Yeah, you heard me right, it’s like every girl is wearing the same dress in a party 😂.

In contrast, you will find tons of Linux distributions catered for a different set of needs. So, you can choose to install any of the available Linux distros according to your requirements.

That’s it for now, Guys and Gals. I am sure that I have convinced most of you why a developer should choose Linux over Windows. And if you still aren’t convinced, feel free to leave your thoughts, in the comments section. I would love ❤️ to know them as well.

Thanks for reading guys & gals, and may the Open Source be with you 😄!



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