Google Solution Challenge & Incubation Program (SCIP)

Submit your solution for one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology. Top 50, Top 10, and Top 3 teams will win amazing prizes.🎁 🏆

What is the Solution Challenge? An annual contest that invites students from Developer Student Club communities to develop solutions for local community problems using one or more Google products or platforms.

The 2021 Solution Challenge mission is to solve one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology.

Google Developer Student Clubs Turkey offers the first Solution Challenge Incubation Program to university students to think about ideas that can turn into sustainable businesses / full-time jobs.

With the Solution Challenge Incubation Program, we are looking for impactful companies that adopt a technical mindset to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges, with the vision of making the world better by acting with these sustainable goals.

What is Solution Challenge Incubation Program?

United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Solution Challenge Incubation Program (SCIP) is a specially designed, curated suite of educational, incubation, networking, and investment tools, hackathon guidance, and resources for impact student entrepreneurs who are building their projects for Solution Challenge that address one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Solution Challenge Incubation Program has completed Stage 1, successfully! There were 5 Hackathons with more than thousands of students and hundreds of mentors in this stage to build amazing teams and create impactful projects to participate in the global competition.

Solution Challenge United Nations 17 SDGs focused Hackathons

Stage 1: Incubation Program (Feb 5 - Mar 10) — Optional stage for students who need a team

In the incubation stage, students can team up in the hackathons for the Sustainable Development Goals and start working on the best idea in the Solution Challenge. At the end of the hackathons, the top three teams from all projects will be qualified for SCIP.

In this stage, teams will be supported with:

  • Hackathons (Hack for Global Goals)
  • 1:1s with Mentors
  • Tech/Social Entrepreneurship webinars, workshops & codelabs
SCIP Calendar — February 2021

Stage 2: Pre-Acceleration Program (March 15 - March 31)

In the pre-acceleration section, we start working immediately to participate in the Solution Challenge with better projects. Together with the expert mentors in the field, the needs are determined, and the teams are supported in those areas.

In this stage, teams will be supported with:

  • Weekly Updates
  • 1:1s with GDEs & Mentors
  • Social Impact Measurement Lessons
  • Group Feedback Sessions with the Peers
  • Through the Parthean platform, you will be able to reach out to Google Developers Experts who are ready to help you with any technical questions you might have regarding your solution.
Sustainable Development Goals’ Integrations

Stage 3: Acceleration Program (May 1 - July 1)

We will support selected projects for this stage. Looking for establishing companies initiated by students that are taking a technical approach to solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges, with the vision for changing the world for the better.

In this stage, teams will be supported with:

  • 1:1s with Mentors & Co-founders
  • Networking with Angel Investors
  • Group Feedback Sessions with the Peers
  • Access to experienced local and international professionals
  • Technical training on design, people, product and growth marketing
Solution Challenge 2021:

Thanks a lot for our partner Uretken Akademi for their incredible support to make this incredible agenda especially for Stage 3 happen!

“Uretken Akademi is a startup training program that guides high school and university students to become entrepreneurs with many supports such as education, mentoring, and access to the ecosystem. It has supported 10,000+ entrepreneur candidates and has resulted in 500+ startups.”

Solution Challenge 2021, whose project submissions ended on March 31, continues to grow initiatives and seek solutions for the world’s most significant problems. While continuing to support Solution Challenge projects, investor and network relationships are established in the start-up ecosystem.

Throughout the entire process, webinars are organized to raise awareness of sustainable development goals. With this, it aims to support young people by providing Google Developer Student Clubs students with access to networks about creating social impact and learning essential skills.

We are waiting for your registration to the Solution Challenge Incubation Program, which will provide technical support, training, leadership, fundraising, and similar support to your start-up!

You don’t have to attend the hackathons to participate in the Solution Challenge Incubation Program.

You can apply for SCIP by just filling out the form on the website.

For more info:

At the end of this article I want to say that this is the pilot program only available in Turkey for 2021 and looking forward to scaling it to another regions, soon. Stay tuned!

Merve Isler
Developer Relations Coordinator, SCIP Program Lead @ Google

Twitter / LinkedIn



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