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Sabrican Ozan
Feb 12, 2017 · 4 min read

After 4 years, I find myself standing again in the streets of Dornbirn as if I’d never left. I breathe in the refreshing mountain breeze as I walk this tiny but lovely city one more time. Everywhere I look, memories float in the air, each leaves a smile on my face. Then, I wake up, pack my bags and snowboard take my train to there. The affection that #Agent17 created on me was huge with this kind of nostalgia.

On a super cold ( -13°C ) sunny Thursday afternoon me and my friend Erik came back to this amazing city for a conference called AgentConf. To be honest I would come back here for any reason but for a great conference like this… This was just too good to be true 😊

In the evening we had a chance to meet with all the participants, speakers and organizers of this conference in a local bar called Frei. Since there weren’t so many people attending the conference ( which is totally normal for first ever AgentConf ) it was a warm and friendly atmosphere for socializing. And with the touch of few beers we found ourselves going back to our Airbnb at 2 in the morning 😅

So as you might expect the breakfast next day missed and we rushed into middle of Christoph Pojer’s talk. Feeling bad, we tried to be as quiet as possible and were looking forward to watch the rest later when the videos are uploaded. I will be also updating this post with them. After getting few coffees, we had great talks until the end of the day. For me all the speakers was really well-picked and inspiring. Mike Norths talk about Progressive Web Apps was especially incredible.

At the end of the first day we had more time socializing and meeting up with new people all around the world on the top of mountain Karren where we had a delicious traditional Austrian dinner.

After the dinner, most of the people went partying but we had hangover from the first day. So we chose to go back and rest in order not have the same headaches again. On the second day of the conference things can only got better. There are so many astonishing talks to be honest I can’t even select one.

From Brent Vatne’s talk about how humanity and web development evolved and how is it currently affecting to mobile:

To CSS Magician David Khourshid’s RxJS with CSS Variables…

At the end of the second day most of to people got into buses and take a way to the Lech for skiing/snowboarding the next day. Since we were staying in Dornbirn we had to go there in the next morning. When we were looking someplace to eat, we found ourselves into this steakhouse called BBQ Longhorn where we basically cannot afford it when we were students. I was a bit more hungry than normal so I had their enormous hamburger. It was so big that if you finish it, they take a photo of you for their wall.#lifegoals

On our loong walk after dinner (😅), we went to one of our regular bars in Erasmus called Mr.Johns. We headed back home to prepare for snowboarding tomorrow after having 2–3 beers at that place.

Thanks to @Phuc_Le (one of the organizers) for connecting us with his awesome friend Thomas and he drove us to Lech. Lech is one of the best ski resorts of the world. Great place for both beginner and advanced skiers! We had an excellent sunny day in the mountains of Lech for our last day.

I’ve now got back from this amazing city with more friends and great memories again… So I wanted to thanks to all of the people that made #Agent17 happen! I hope to see everyone next year again (Already bought my ticket 😉)

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Thanks to Austin Witherow, Candost Dağdeviren, and Baris Koksalan.

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