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A Student’s Guide to Philippine Tech

Three years ago as a high school senior in Cavite, I wrote “A Guide to CS in High School (PH Edition)”. Written a bit over a year after Developh (then Developers’ Society) launched, I had so much to learn and absorb about the tech scene.

Navigating tech is daunting and extremely overwhelming. The Philippines has universal talent, but unequal opportunity — computer science education is lackluster, and there’s so much room to do better — especially outside the country’s top institution. At the same time, there’s no shortage of incredible community-driven efforts to address the technology gap in the country. Take a look at this collection of the best learning materials, events, communities, startups, and more that you should know about as a Filipino student interested in exploring the technology industry.

Visit the guide at

Got a suggestion or recommendation? Feel free to drop it in anonymously at the bottom of the guide (there’s a Chilipepper form), or email at

Special thanks to Bianca Aguilar, Kirsten Sison, and the rest of the Developh core team for the help compiling this.

Like the work we do at Developh? Consider supporting us for our 2021 programming! As 2021 begins, we have a small ask. This will be our fifth year supporting student technologists and creatives in the Philippines. If you appreciate the work we do across education, acceleration, and community, consider giving back and supporting the next generation of impact-driven creators.

Developh is led by three college students with a volunteer team that pours hundreds of hours each month to our work. Our community has grown to 1,000+ members on Facebook, we’ve hosted dozens of events (all for free — recordings are on our YouTube channel), raised Php180,000 for social causes, and we continue to develop programs that help students across technology via education, career assistance, event scholarships, and more. Donations go towards our hosting and programming fees that are otherwise covered out-of-pocket by our leads.

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Developh believes that in a world fueled by technology, every student deserves to be a part of developing their future.

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