Impact first with the Collab Student Fellowship

Oct 14 · 3 min read
At the Collab kick-off last August 24th

Developh is a nonprofit organization that been rooted in a student-first philosophy. Our programming, partnerships, and priorities have always been centered around students.

Now, we’re announcing Collab Student Fellows — a program gathering students from high schools and colleges around the country to develop alongside our Collab Cohort as we launch tech-enabled initiatives for good.
These students have a range of experiences and skillsets: some are diving into technology for the first time but have years worth of grit, while others are on their last years of college and are looking to put their skills and work experiences to the growth and development of our partner NGOs. For all of them: they’re exploring new pathways in technology, partaking in the side of an ecosystem that recognizes failure, passion, mission, and partnerships as critical to success — social entrepreneurship is a challenging field, but these students are going to be no stranger soon after.

Developh Collab is a by-students, for-students accelerator that works on collaborations with mission-based organizations and NGOs to create sustainable tech-enabled initiatives measured by impact. We connect students from different backgrounds (whether technical or non-technical) to our cohort, training them together and managing the production of short to long-term projects across our virtual program. Fellows and incubatees will attend sessions, build things, and disrupt.

Joining the Fellowship

The Collab Student Fellowship is a flexible, remote program open to high school and college students across the world. With an acceptance rate of about 10% (as of writing), the Developh Innovation team carefully selects students matched with incubatees.

Student Fellows act as consultants and creators helping run the Collab program. By either providing their skills to assist with the entire cohort or in specific projects, student volunteers gain the opportunity to learn about social innovation while lending their strengths to the successful development and creation of projects for good.
While attending meetings, Collab sessions, and helping design and develop the very products these organizations are working towards — they’ll be generating real insights, having their feedback and ideas incorporated in the very projects itself, and have the opportunity to return after the fellowship with partnered companies.

Our volunteers are formally Resident Creators and Fellows, assisting with consultancy and development. You’ll be able to work in a setting featuring world-class speakers, mentors, and creators — coming together to work on social innovation and technology to benefit and disrupt the country. Benefits include building your network, working in real development environments and picking up on real-life design, development, and product management, travel and speakership opportunities, and the opportunity to explore interesting mission-driven sectors.

We are accepting applications for the Collab Fellowship on a rolling basis until the midpoint of the Collab incubator. You can apply at

About Developh

Developh invests in youth-led innovation for social impact across the developing world. Visit us at


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