The Developh Executive Board is Growing!

We’re looking for a Chief of Community and a Chief of Marketing as we grow online. Apply by May 30th.

Chia Amisola
5 min readMay 9, 2020


Founded in 2016, Developh is an international student-run nonprofit investing in youth-led innovation for good across Southeast Asia. We want to build student leaders in technology, promoting a more equitable pipeline for young people to explore the field and pursue careers in tech or even founderhood. To date, we’ve impacted over 80,000 people in our events — presenting across events from the Grace Hopper Celebration stage in 2018 to building ventures for radical technology and good.

In this wildly new time, Developh is reinventing its approach to incorporate our strengths: we’re distributed, made of proactive and eager students from alll walks of live, and want to touch upon existing online communities and resources to truly bridge people together. This is where our expansion comes in.

Right now, Developh is led by three young creative-technologists. Chia, our Founder and acting CEO, Kirsten–our now Chief Technology Officer and former Community and Women in Tech lead, and Bianca–a long-time member who is now our Chief Design Officer. We’re look for two more fantastic students to join us in the areas of marketing and community as we grow our presence online, and work to touch more students and subsequently change the way people think about innovation.

Important things to know about us:

⚫️ We’re a remote, distributed team that values transparency, collaboration, and consistency. While we obviously have different priorities going on, being able to communicate our clear needs and capacities is key — at the same time, we’re super flexible and adaptive!

⚫️ We are not apolitical. A lot about building tech for social good is standing up, making bold statements, and supporting bold movements. These advocacies and actions inform how we think, and all the work we do.

⚫️ Developh is made possible by students with a love for creativity and creation. We’re still here because of a continuing drive to build things, and help others create. This love for empowerment and to serve others; while also exploring how our fields can benefit you career-wise are the main things we look for in prospective members, moreso in executive positions.

You don’t need any sort of prior experience to join the executive board, but we would absolutely love for you to learn more about our organization at — and don’t hesitate to reach us if you have any questions at!

Chief Community Officer

Scale Developh, its people, partners, and how we engage with students over the world.

Our Head of Community is in love with student-centric communities around technology and innovation. In their position, they work directly with our regional directors (students in the Developh core team representing their region and running events), community partners (external affiliated organizations that we run collaborative programming and directly serve), and other constituents.

The Head of Community will help plan and execute programs and events such as workshops, talks, and community nights; help onboard new communities to the Developh Community program as well as scout for more partners at scale; and work within the executive team to be the best advocate for the students we serve. The Head coordinates with the Chief Creatives Officer on the media coverage of Developh’s participation in conferences; organizes meetings and brews partnerships with organizations relevant to Developh’s missions and objectives; and represent Developh in external events. You’re in this position because you’re interested in people, communities, and building systems for equity in technology at scale.

We’re thinking of someone who…

  • Has previous interest technology, equality, and advocacy; and is engaged with how this can take shape online (we’re an online organization!)
  • Understands their community and the spaces that technology can fill within them, and desires to learn about communities beyond their own
  • Is empathetic and committed to intentional inclusivity and accessibility: they want a technology ecosystem shaped by all
  • Communicates well, consistently, and creatively. Interested in the potential of different online spaces in bringing people together–from groups, chats, hangouts, games, and more.
  • Has hosted events prior, especially online ones.


  • Experience with leading different tech community groups
  • Experience with productivity tools and software
  • An eye for design and engineering and building things rapidly!
  • Has worked in hosting and organizing tech-centric talks, workshops, or similar

To apply, you can either follow the directions below or use our Google Form:

Chief Marketing Officer

Change the way we think about strategies to communicate, influence, and impact.

Our Marketing Officer is interested in working with the executive team to craft our identity, message, and strategies as we grow Developh. You’ll be working closely with the Chief Design Officer (Bianca Aguilar) and Chief Community Officer (unfilled) to analyze, assess, and then craft meaningful ways to

You’ll think about strategy, assessing competitors, help forge partnerships, think about communications and positioning, work around creative content and design, and touch on data and analysis — but you don’t have to know about all of that yet. In essence, you’re someone who wants to be both a strategist and storyteller: marketing Developh and our mission of tech equity through community, venture, and design with us.

We’re thinking of someone who…

  • Has previous interest technology, equality, and advocacy; and is engaged with how this can take shape online (we’re an online organization!)
  • Has previous experience crafting marketing campaigns (for your school? a club? your own project? run an art account? we’d love to talk!), and tracking + managing all content and output
  • Is empathetic and committed to intentional inclusivity and accessibility: they want a technology ecosystem shaped by all
  • Is interested in youth-led and technology organizations: you’ll be figuring out how to position us in this market, so forging friendships and relationships is key
  • Not afraid to think about partnerships and connections
  • Communicates well, is timely, and enjoys bringing people together in different forms
  • Can juggle multiple projects (many of Developh’s initiatives are spontaneously planned!)


  • Interest in competitive strategy, data
  • Previous marketing leadership experience in a STEM or creativity-focused organization
  • Interest in public speaking
  • Some knowledge of project management software and design tools like Figma

To apply, you can either follow the directions below or use our Google Form:

You can also send us a resume and a letter of intent (the latter may be included in the body of your email) to (The letter of intent is important.) Applications are due May 30, 2020.

We’ll start with a casual chat with you about your interest in the role, then will invite screened applicants to a second interview.

The opportunity is available to all high school or college-aged students with a consistent internet connection and able to work remotely at least 3–5 hours a week. You will be expected to report to meetings and work with the core team of the nonprofit.

We’re eager to learn more about you and to continue to grow Developh to serve more student technologists all over Southeast Asia. If you have any questions, we’re always here at Stay safe!