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Chia Amisola
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2 min readMar 24, 2021

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we position Developh in this fifth year. Developh started out when some high school classmates got together to teach code and design to one another, seeking out how to create. Naturally, many of the original members diverged once we learned the basics: most continuing on in technology, others not, thinking back to the org as the place where we got our starts in design or code. These experiences inspired us to shape a by-students, for-students community where students are unafraid to grow and learn from one another.

It’s easy to label us as just a “technology” organization, or an organization that helps students network themselves into tech internships. But what path is left after that? Do we settle at creating a cycle that spreads awareness, educates, and then helps students enter industry? This is an immense task in of itself that we students alone can’t take on. While we have much work to do on tech education in the Philippines, it’s also a disservice to stop there. If we recognize our nation’s failures in the foundation for tech education, why is it right to blindly thrust students into an industry that is also disconnected and broken?

As we’ve spent the past year exploring issues of technology and humanity, a clear convergence is coming once more. We started with student to professional talks, candid community conversations, intimate clubs, and workshops. People young and old have come to Developh to learn how to create. Rookie or veteran, larger questions arise that we can’t ignore: Why are we creating at all? Who are we creating for? What is the future we want to shape? Ethics, decolonization, inclusivity, accessibility, social impact, equity, and justice are all central to our conversations and work.

Developh will not just prepare students technically for their careers, it will prepare all young people to question it. When we create, we do so with intention and meaning. We nurture a generation of technologists building for the Philippines, not for technology’s sake. This is how we see ourselves today and tomorrow, and is how we’ll reposition ourselves for the year ahead.

  • We’ll frame our work to reach all young technologists & creators, not just students.
  • We’ll seek out deeper investments in our lost tools of learning: teaching others how to teach themselves — instead of running the same technical workshops over and over.
  • More priority on nation-building programming that emphasizes community, not just self-betterment — in the recognition that investing in community is a deeper investment in our own selves.

What are you creating? Who is it really for?

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