Developing Mau King — Introduction

This story is part of a series “Developing Mau King, the card game for Android

This is an introduction to the forthcoming series of articles that will cover the process of making Mau King, an online card game for Android developed as a personal project

Recently I published a new Android app on Google Play Store: Mau King. It features Mau Mau, the popular card game played around the world, also called, or similar to Mao, Makao, Crazy 8's, Switch, Flaps, and Uno.

The game is easy to start playing and it is quite addictive. A couple of years ago, when I played it with some of my friends with real cards, it popped my mind to make a mobile app for playing the game online. I also included some cryptocurrency quirks in it to make it more provocative.

It took a lot of time and effort to get there, but it finally got its first stable release at the store, so people can now play it for free. However, it remains in constant development as I keep adding more features. Here’s how it looks today:

Middle of a gameplay, without narration

From the development point of view though, for me as a developer, making the game has been at least equally fun as playing it (actually much, much more fun). In order to share that part of the fun as well, with those who can appreciate it, I have decided to start a series of blogs about the development of the game.

I plan to write about various aspects of the development and hope that some of it will be interesting to read, but also useful to those who think about kick-starting something of their own.

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