iPhone or Android app development?

So you've got that potential million dollar app idea floating around your head, it is now time to turn it into a reality. The next question you have to ask is what platform your app will be on? Are you going to have your app developed purely for Apple iPhone's? Or do you see a larger market in developing your app to Android users? Maybe you will develop your app on both devices, there are pros and cons to each that needs to be considered before making a decision.

Advantage of Apple iPhone app development

The advantage of iPhone’s is that each model are very similar from a development point of view, where not all Android phones are the same. Android development could take much longer and be a more costly project to suit all Android phones.

Advantages of Android app development

The major advantage is the growth of Android mobile users. Big companies like Samsung, Motorola and HTC just to name a few, have fully adopted Android as their operating system of choice meaning there are more variety on the market in the form of Android mobile phones.

Whichever operating system you go with, the next choice you may face is where to get your app developed? Do you get your app developed locally or by overseas developers?

Advantages of getting your app developed overseas

The main advantage of offshore app development is that you may be able to get your app released at a fraction of the cost of local development. Companies in countries like India can afford to charge much less due to the value of Australian dollars compared to Indian rupees.

Advantages of getting you app developed locally

By getting your app developed by local developers, you will have peace of mind that you will be getting what you paid for.

It is possible for some less reputable overseas companies to recycle their code for other clients, so you can run the risk of your unique app being cloned and released by a competitor. You would have zero chance of this happing by going the local option as you are covered by Australian law, so if you have a problem or the app is not to the expectations of your contract you can take out legal proceedings against the development company.
How to find a local development company

Google can be your friend in finding a local developer. Searches for app development plus your closest city would net some good results, such as “app development melbourne” would help locate companies based in Melbourne.

Don’t just rely on Google though. You are best to check their portfolio and download any apps they have developed to see the quality of their work.

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