2nd One In The Bag!

Congratulations to our second cohort for securing a beautiful development site

Finalising the last few details with Alan Christie (our lead Developer)

On Tuesday 18th April Development Cohort 1 secured their very own site and are clipping at the heels of Cohort 2 who are waiting for contractors to start on their site in Devon.

This team are developing a site of new builds in the North Norfolk area. I can’t really share much more information at present, but as soon as everything is tied up officially (read ‘legally/on paper’) you’ll get the full picture.

Just know, this small group of intense developers are pushing forwards rapidly to launch this development and reach the other side.

All 6 of these cohort members are busy doing their own development deals. With multiple developments between them in the UK.

Now the real work starts for the group.

Speak again soon!