Director Of Finance: Charles Zhao

Commencing September 2018

Charles Zhao

We are excited to announce that Charles Zhao is joining the management team here at Development Discovery, commencing September 2018.

The team have gotten to know Charles closely over the past 2 years and he is a key member of H Giving (the charity we actively support) as a trustee along with Pauline Heron, another director at Development Discovery.

As a natural contrarian and experienced financier, Charles brings a unique perspective on the challenges any development company will face. So we are excited to extend our existing relationship as he joins our board of directors.

When people ask me what I do I tell them “I’m responsible for making sure the next [financial] crisis is different from the last one”

After graduating with a 1st class honours in Economics from Cambridge University, Charles has specialised in risk and finance by assisting top tier UK banks to set up post crisis risk management systems.

He now brings all of that financial expertise in risk management to property development and investment, with us, as Director of Finance.

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Development Discovery

Learning. Doing. Earning.

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