The Latest Student Project

Block of 11 Apartments in South England

Our latest student group just exchanged on this site. To be developed into a block of 11 apartments in Stoke Fleming

Less than 12 months ago we started an audacious experiment to teach property development by actually doing it with our students, not just lecturing them on it.

Two days ago our latest student project was secured in the south of England.

It will become a block of 11 high spec apartments and our student cohort of six not only get a piece of that action, they get to drive the whole thing through to completion.

All under the watchful gaze and guiding hand of an experienced property developer. Just so they don’t take a wrong turn at some point.

Sure, it’s been a tough ride at times already.

The site was almost lost a couple of times and there are still a few more hurdles to get through.

But it looks like our experiment might actually be working!

Check out this gorgeous drone footage and spectacular surroundings

Our other residential cohort are attempting to gain control of their own site in the next month too.

Both projects are expected to take roughly 18 months to complete, during which time the students will gain a deep understanding of every facet of the development process.

Because they will actually be doing it.

The race is on.

Not to mention there are a tonne of exciting other things lined up this year. But for now I’ll keep hush hush about them.

You’ll have to check back to hear more ;)

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