Write in the Book Club

Ideas worth Sharing

The Discovery Hub book club is about sharing and discussing the big ideas that every book contains.

Just the one or two big ones.

At least the ones you picked out.

Types of Book

At the moment we are only accepting non-fiction reviews for submission to our book club. The closer they are related to business and personal growth the better.

But mostly, they need to be interesting and thought provoking.

Unnecessarily inflammatory reviews may be turned down, as the aim is to start a conversataion.

Not a fight.

But avoid mediocrity for the sake of security. If you grab hold of a thread, follow it and see where it leads. You might be surprised.

Book Club Guidelines

For examples -> CLICK HERE

1) At a glance

Here’s the challenge, summarise the books main idea (as far as you are concerned) in a sentence or two.

Surprisingly, it’s best to save this section for last.

Try to make it juicy too, so people want to read on.

2) The Book

Exactly what it says on the tin. Title, author and an amazon link to access the book/audiobook (whichever option you used is best).

3) Key Learnings (optional)

What were your biggest learnings?

Just one to three bullet points that you have started implementing as a result of reading/listening to this book.

4) The Story

My recommendation, do this section first.

Keep it like a story too, not a boring “review”. Remember, you aren’t summarising the book so people won’t read it. You’re exploring the main ideas and hopefully convincing people it’s worth reading the book themselves.

Confusing, I know. But this is where you’ve got the freedom to explore the main ideas that you took away and the tangents it sparks in your own mind.

If you can’t answer all the questions it leaves you with, that’s ok. You should be hoping to start a conversation, not end one.

It’s ok to use some of your favourite quotes from the book, but please keep them limited. This will help avoid copyright infringements.

Actually, whilst we are on that point.

Try to avoid the layout of the book and even looking at it whilst your write up your review.

The best advice I can give, stick to one or two quotes. Otherwise write from memory about the most important parts of the book to you.

5) Further Reading

If you run off on a tangent and you’ve got anything else you’d recommend for people to read as a result.

Leave them in this section.

Least, Author and title. At best, include an amazon link to the relevant material.

Other than that, get reading and get sharing. Oh and click that 💚 below to spread the love.