Announcement — Updated Devery Roadmap February — October 2018

The team has come together to provide an updated roadmap.

The company has brought forward its development and partnership roadmap as it expected to utilise the time savings to deliver ahead of schedule. Its an opportune time to review how far the Devery team has come and what we envision as the future for Devery.

The team is happy to announce its updated roadmap, as well as highlighting its past progress through the project.

Disclaimer: This is subject to change

July 2017

  • Devery launches with its first piece of proof of concept code
  • Bokky PooBah & John Shi-Nash join as advisors for the project

August 2017

  • Whitepaper V1 released with details on a solution to product verification utilising the blockchain

September 2017

  • First prototype of the protocol developed, detailing the key aspects of the protocol, implementation strategy as well as key functions

October 2017

  • First trial of prototype front-end demonstrating implementation proof-of-concept and showcasing the potential capability of the protocol
  • First internal trial of prototype implementation utilising the Devery protocol
  • Integration of Parity PICOPs system for KYC of the tokensale
  • Alex Trottier and Dorjee Sun join in as advisors

November 2017

  • Deployment of the protocol on Ropsten
  • Release of version 3 of the whitepaper incorporating the various elements of the protocol

December 2017

  • Start of presale as well as the roll out of the crowdsale
  • Release of version 4 of the whitepaper incorporating various feedback from the community, rework internal roadmap for launch and product map with deliverable timelines brought forward by 6 months

January 2018

  • Successful token sale with tokens sold out in 17 seconds as soon as the personal caps were lifted
  • Deployment of protocol on mainnet enabling the utilisation of the protocol

February 2018

  • Start of integration of GS1 standards as part of the Devery solution
  • Expansion of development team

March 2018

  • Collaboration with other provenance protocols
  • Explanation of Devery BTTS nodes enabling gas-less transactions for Devery protocol

May 2018

  • Alpha of reading mobile app to be released on Android
  • Support for third party developers utilising the Devery Protocol
  • Whitepaper revamp
  • Expansion of Devery partnership network and ecosystem

July 2018

  • Launch of global online hackathon utilising Devery protocol

September 2018

  • Launch of Devery Asia Office to enable brand onboarding as well as improved sale and support functions
  • Expansion of Devery development network, which promotes and encourages the development of verification application on the Devery Protocol.
  • Inclusion of international certification standards into the Devery application

October 2018

  • Launch of the Devery app on iOS
  • Collaboration with NGOs, Governmental bodies and other Provenance developers to create logistics and supply chain tracking standards internationally

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