Devery & United Nations World Food Programme use Blockchain to ensure the safe delivery of food to children in North Africa

Andrew Rasheed
Apr 4, 2018 · 3 min read
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We’re proud to announce we’ve been working with the United Nation’s World Food Programme and the Tunisian Ministry of Education to ensure the safe delivery of food to 400,000 school children in North Africa using blockchain technology.

The Tunisian Government in conjunction with the United Nation’s World Food Programme operates a school meal programme designed to offer one fresh meal a day to underprivileged students in its primary and secondary educational system. In seeking to improve the system and to track the quality of the meals provided, the government was eager for an innovative solution to solve the problems they have currently been facing in their supply chain.

We travelled there in February and spent the month visiting different locations around Tunisia; scoping and planning out possible implementation plans on the ground.This was a surreal experience for myself and the team as the trip was spent meeting with a numerous stakeholders to the project from various jurisdictions.

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UN World Food Programme in-construction greenhouse.

The implementation will involve an initial roll out to a scheme to feed 1500 primary school kids, with the goal of ultimately rolling out to the scheme to all 400,000 Tunisian school children currently receiving food assistance once successfully trialled.

Towards the end of the trip we provided our proposal in conjunction with the World Food Programme to the Ministry which addressed their problems they faced in food delivery and procurement. After multiple revisions, rewrites, and numerous meetings we signed with the Minister of Education in conjunction with the United Nation’s World Food Programme on our final day.

The vision that Devery’s blockchain technology can bridge the gap and ensure the safety of food directly to children is a cause we really believe can positively impact the lives of many. We hope to utilise Devery’s technology for the project we build in Tunisia to other projects within the United Nation’s World Food Programme.

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Left to Right — Chironjit, Antoine, Minister of Education, Myself (Andrew) & Maria (UN World Food Programme)

The last few months has been a very busy time for the team. Since the start of the project we’ve flown into Tunisia, New York, Malaysia, Singapore,Mexico and now Beijing. This wouldn’t be possible without our supporters and we’d like to extend a big thank you for making this all possible and furthering the journey of Devery.

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