DeveryJS Release & Project Update

In anticipation of our upcoming hackathon, we’re happy to share the release of our anticipated framework DeveryJS and our project overview.

DeveryJS Release
DeveryJS has been released. It is the foundational layer aiming to serve to abstract the complexity of building on the blockchain. Our framework is completely documented and can be installed via npm or our Github page.

Our framework documentation can be found here. Pull requests to the repository are welcome as we encourage those externally to get involved in pushing the project forward.

As previously mentioned we have worked heavily on DeveryJS as it forms the basis of interaction on top of the Devery protocol contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The framework is entirely functional and we are using it within our internal applications as mentioned below within our project overview.

Project Overview Release & Project Update 
The project overview encompasses the entirety of projects we are working on internally within Devery. We are one of the smaller projects in the blockchain space, however we hope to demonstrate our technology through our focus on product. You can can find the project overview here.

We’re confident in delivering DeveryJS and the projects listed in the newly released project overview. Our goal over time is to build the project to ensure projects will continuously build on DeveryJS whilst also demonstrating our working products using our framework. Our hackathon serves to incentivise building and will be the first in a series to grow the utilisation of our technology. & Devery
Our experience with’s accelerator program has ended but our time in China was immensely positive for the team. We were given many valuable introductions and we communicated directly to the founder of the accelerator program.

Whilst our time in China has concluded, it allowed us greater understanding of the market. We were able to understand the new era of supply chain management in Shenzhen through visiting manufacturers and seeing factories firsthand. We were able to view the fast moving pace of Shanghai & also gain a strong network in Beijing through the help of introductions made internally. We are thankful to say it allowed us to understand the manufacturing process on a deeper level and it was an invaluable experience for the team.

Once again thanks for supporting the project!