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DeveryJS — Web of Trust Integration, Nonce Manager

Happy New Years! We’re proud to announce our latest updates and releases. We’ve integrated Web of Trust functionality within DeveryJS, as well as a nonce manager to increase the usability of the protocol and parallel transactions.

The Web of Trust functionality allows users to “vouch” for addresses on the Ethereum network using the Devery Protocol. This allows users to place verification tags on individual addresses on the network, helping distinguish between brands.Verification tags can then be implemented into applications and apps that require an additional verification layer.

We’ve placed this functionality within the DeveryJS repository, allowing users to simply call the functions and use this immediately. You can utilise this functionality here:

In line with the above, we’ve been testing the web of trust functionality with applications to represent trust further on the Ethereum network. A nonce manager has also been introduced into DeveryJS, to increase the ability to provide further parallel transactions on the Ethereum network at scale.

Thanks for following the project!



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