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Markery Product Dashboard, ERC-721 Transfers Release & Ethereum Gas Estimation in DeveryJS

We’re proud to announce our latest releases. We’ve deployed an update to Markery which provides a digital dashboard and increases the functionality of product marking within the application. As well as this we’ve released new DeveryJS functions in line with the Ethereum network’s increase of use.

We’ve recently released a new product dashboard page within Markery which provides enhanced usability by allowing more functions to be used within the easy to use UI. After marking a product, anyone can now clickthrough, view the entirety of each singular product, claim individual items or transfer ownership to external addresses.

Design walkthrough of the digital product dashboard.

The image above illustrates an example design of the ease of simply adding in an address and having ownership transferred to that corresponding address. The transfer is executed via DeveryJS, transferred using ERC-721 to that address. This provides a hub for those marking to claim and transfer their items externally within Markery.

You can try this here:

As Ethereum has been scaling, gas amounts fluctuate a great deal due to increased use of the network. To account for this, we’ve implemented gas estimation functions within a new version of DeveryJS to allow developers to predict gas costs before the execution of transactions. This helps increase efficiency of transactions when working with the framework and accounting for changes as apps are developed. These are readily available within DeveryJS and we will be further updating this with documentation as needed.

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