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Open call for Developers & General Development

As we move into our decentralisation phase, we are announcing an open call for interested developers/projects. We’re looking discuss with experienced developers/specialists in the blockchain space interested in ecommerce, manufacturing and provenance.

We are currently moving through development with our internal projects and we’re interested in speaking to motivated developers/specialists as we further test and iterate these projects. Particularly if you have extensive experience in the blockchain space or have experience in these industries: art verification, e-commerce, logistics & manufacturing don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us at

As well as this updates have recently been made to DeveryJS within the claim feature of products as well as further improvements along the trust aspect of the Javascript element of the library.

Claim() Feature within Markery (In Development)

This reduces the transaction cost of marking items through allowing seperate classes of project markings to take place. For example, an interactive barcode can be generated through “single-code” via ERC-721 using the library. This allows large quantities of gas to be processed more efficiently, circumventing the costs causing a reduced transaction price.

These have also begun to be integrated into Markery to further reduce the friction of marking items through its interface & to allow claiming of items directly in the application.

As always thanks for supporting the project! If you’d like to contribute to the open source repositories, build on the project or more contact us at or submit a pull request at



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