Small Gripe with Google Inbox for iOS

I’ve been using Google Inbox since it was first released. There is a lot to like about Inbox. The correlating emails into bundles and showing shipping / tracking info without having to click on the email are some of my favorites. But one small gripe I have with the iOS app is the inability to edit how the swipes behave and that if you want to delete email it’s buried in the UI under one or two taps. It always puzzled me why delete couldn’t be an action right on the surface of when you tap to view emails within the bundles or the emails themselves.

For the bundle It’s the gear, done checkmark, and the ellipsis. You have to tap the ellipsis to get to the delete action.

Google Inbox Bundle with done option set as priority

The options when reading and email are pin, snooze, done, and the ellipsis.

Google Inbox Reading an Email with done option set as priority

In a recent update to Inbox you can now change it from swipe to archive to swipe to delete. Here’s were it gets nuts, now the trash icon is front and center and the done check mark is now buried under the ellipsis.

Google Inbox Bundle with delete option set as priority
Google Inbox Reading an Email with delete option set as priority

Further more what ever option you set within Inbox on iOS that same setting applies to the web version of Inbox. So now it takes one to to click to either Trash or Archive an email in the web client.

So as you can see it’s an all or noting either way you go. For me its annoying because I really love all the features Inbox has but hate that I have to tap once or twice to either delete or archive an email. The feature that would make my day for this app would be that Inbox gets the short swipe to archive and long swipe to delete like Mailbox has or at the very least have the trash / done icon be front and center along with the gear, pin, and snooze.

This would be a more ideal UI experience within Google Inbox.

Example of Inbox with Done and Trash front and center
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