CarrIOTA Bolero alpha has begun

Just a small update and a few pointers for the testers. This article will get you running. Maybe it will also prevent the same questions asked again and again.

CarrIOTA Bolero is out in the wild and can be downloaded here:

Please be aware that this is alpha and still has some visual and functional shortcomings.


  1. +4GB of RAM
  2. +8GB free space
  3. Java 1.8.0_151 or higher. This is important! Please check your Java version. IRI will exit with code 1 if your version is older.
    For WINDOWS: Please make sure you have the correct Java installed. Running 32bit Java on a 64bit machine might crash IRI. If in doubt, install java from here, selecting correct bit version (32 or 64) depending
    on your machine:
    Restart your computer to take effect.
  4. Windows also IMPORTANT, download and install the latest Visual C++ redistributable from here (due to a bug reported in IRI):
  5. Open ports (port forwarding) in your router: 14600 UDP, 15600 TCP and 16600 TCP. A uPnP tool is coming to make it automatic. But it does not work on all routers. So for now, this is the most “complicated” part. Please refer to your router’s documentation on how to do it.

When you start Bolero, it will check your system (except the Java version, for now) and download IRI + database. It takes time as the database is over 5GB in size. Everything Bolero does is stored in the .bolero folder in your home directory.

Once the database is downloaded, it seems to “stuck” at 99% for some minutes. It is normal as the database gets extracted. Just leave it there for some time.

Afterwards your Bolero will look like this:

IRI and Nelson should show green play buttons, meaning the both services are up and running. IRI should get synchronised within 20–90 minutes depending on your connection speeds and hardware specs.

Known issues

— Currently, there is an issue with IRI status display: It seems as if IRI is stuck at 243000 and not updated. This is just a visual updating issue. After 40–80 minutes you can close and re-open the window. Then you will see the correct numbers. The issue is known and is being dealt with.

— Full node URL is not copied no click.

—Database download stuck at 99%: It is not stuck, actually, just extracting the database. If you close the app now the database will be corrupted. You will need to remove .bolero/db folder from your home directory and start over by restarting Bolero. :-/

— Visual bugs. Several minor issues, also being worked on.

Help and feedback

Please join the #bolero channel on Slack. There is no other way to get help at this point in time. I am trying to answer all the questions on Twitter, but my time is also very limited. There are great people on Slack that will help you!


The app itself is a wrapper for bolero.lib, which is a set of tools written in NodeJS to install and manage Nelson, IRI and the database. It is not perfect. Any help in that area is welcome. is an electron app running ReactJS. Basically two important files: main.js (Electron App) and App.js (React Frontend). If you know Electron/React, you can grab one of the issues/tickets (let me know previously) and try fixing it. Any visual improvements are also welcome!

Next steps

We are working on configuration options, Nelson and IRI logs for Bolero. Also on an opt-in service to display a graph of all known (anonymised) nodes running Nelson/Bolero.

Sorry for brevity, the development was using up 100% of our available time. Good luck with testing and thanks for trying. Every node counts!

Roman Semko

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