MacOS Apps For Developers - Nov/2023

Gabriel Bonfim
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4 min readNov 14, 2023


Everything you should have on your Mac!

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From time to time I discover new Apps that I fall in love with, I would like to present you guys with a list of my most loved apps of Nov/2023!

1 — DevToys

DevToys for MacOS

Finally for Mac! DevToys was one of my favorite app for Windows, and now we got it on MacOS! I keep this app open 100% of the time.

Devtoys is a diverse collection of coding utilities we developers use everyday. How many times did you have to search a website to get a color RGB code, or format a JSON, or decode a JWT token… Imagine having all of this tools on a single app. At the time I'm writing this, the app encompasses this features:

- Converters

  • JSON <> Yaml
  • Number Base
  • Date ( Timestamp, Unix Time, etc)

- Encoders / Decoders

  • HTML
  • URL
  • Base64
  • JWT

- Formatters

  • JSON
  • XML



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