{ dol — sam — out pt1 }

I dashed out of the alley and behind a parked car. I didn’t have a plan, but I had no time to fuck around. Quietly I snuck over to the next car, again and again, until I reached a intersection. There was a pileup of vehicles that had obviously wrecked into each other. Who knows when. A couple of cars still had bodies inside. They weren’t moving, so they were dead-dead. Lucky. I scoffed at the thought and looked around. A couple of purgs were aware of my position but they were so far away I had a few minutes to think. I saw a couple of townhomes with broken out windows. I had no way of knowing if anything, or anyone, was inside, but I didn’t have time to think about it. The sun was barely visible behind the buildings anymore, and shadows were creeping up behind me inch by inch.

I took a deep breath, decided on a path, and I stood up. It was as if all the purgs knew my plan because they all turned to stare at me at once, with those empty eyes. My heart began to race as three of them were quickly upon me. It was time. I hopped the hood of the car I was behind and dashed around the wreck of vehicles, narrowly avoiding the grasp of some hungry gnashing teeth. I jerked away from the next purg, who had reached out to grab my backpack. He went barreling down to the hard cement with a cracking sound as he hit. Other purgs were coming from all directions. On my left, 6 of them were racing towards me, tumbling over one another to get a taste of my flesh. To my right, 3 slowly moved in unison, as if apart of some army march. I ran as fast as I could, dodging the ones in front of me, tripping but getting up quickly. Slowly the town home came closer and closer, and suddenly I was jumping and crashing through the window. Broken glass cut through my clothes and skin. I knew I would feel the pain later, but my adrenaline refused to let me do so now. I rolled onto my feet and stood up fast, looking around. A purg lashed out at me from the darkness, her ghastly hands grabbing at my body. I could hear her teeth snapping in my face, inches from piercing my skin. I fell to the floor pushing her off of me with my foot. She flew into the wall, falling hard onto the floor but I knew that wouldn’t stop her. The realization hit me like a brick; I had no fucking weapon. I struggled to my feet and searched around frantically for something, anything, that would work as a weapon.

“Fuck!” I gasped as she lunged at me again. I moved aside and grabbed an old wooden chair, swinging it around with all my might and smashing it against her face. She fell again but was still moving.

“Do you ever die?!” I screamed at her. My heart was pounding so hard, my breathing so heavy. I thought I was having a heart attack. I took the chair and jerked a wooden leg off. It broke off with a shriek, and amazingly enough, formed the perfect spike. For once since this all began, I smiled, took the spike and jammed it as hard as I could through the purgs eye socket. She immediately stopped moving and I fell to the floor completely exhausted. It took everything I had to catch my breath, but soon the others would come knocking. I had to secure this place, or at least an area to sleep in. I mustered up what little strength I had left and stood. I made sure to have a weapon this time, searching the garage and finding a crowbar, before proceeding upstairs. Lucky for me, the place was now empty. Thank God, because I had no strength left. There was a master bedroom with a lock on the door. It was empty except for a slashed up box spring and trash everywhere. At least the window was intact. I shut the door and locked it, wedged the box spring against it and tried to relax. I checked the bathtub for running water. Nothing. I don’t know why I bothered. High hopes, I guess. I tossed my backpack to the floor and sat on the edge of the tub. My mind was numb, my body exhausted. A wave of hunger and fatigue hit me all at once and I almost fell backwards into the bathtub. I shook my head, as if that would help, and reached down to unzip my pack. Pulling out a package of dehydrated noodles and a bottle of water, I got into the tub and rested my back against the slanted side.

“Time for dinner…” I ate the flavorless noodles and emptied the spice package into my mouth, washing it all down with water. My stomach still howled in hunger, but I knew I had to conserve. I would just have to force myself to sleep, which wasn’t very hard, evidently, because I fell sleep before I even knew it, thinking of Alyssa and how the world turned to shit.

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