Release management and QA

“Back to the future” that most precise descriptions what is going on in IT industry right now. Especially if that startup. Especially if that ruled by “experienced technical managers” that previously have been working at some big and successful enterprise companies as Oracle, Dell, Google or others.

So lets pretend that we are professionals who found universal tools called DevOoops and just reviled magic of release managed. Probably we did it because some “old fashioned ops” told us about ITIL version 3. But that irrelevant because we as DevOoops engineers who are working at new “unicorpse” startup called this all new and shiny stuff the Continuous Delivery.

Problem is that you can’t build proper release management (ups, sorry, continuous delivery) ignoring basics of it even if “new approaches” say so. In other words, you can deliver product and features as fast as you want but it will cost you. In any case you or your customers will pay for that. No magic.

Quality and especially quality control is the question of life or death. If you are good with the situation when your customers will be your quality assurance team that fine but in this case please build good community support. If it is not acceptable for business then create proper release management with pipeline that will allows you catch bug before your clients will.

Back to basics. Doesn’t matter what your company is doing or what approach you are using to manage it but do not forget about fundamental engineering practices.

P.S. Still it is better to apply proper terminology. It’s very useful to use one on postmortem meeting to explain what exactlly killed your project and burned huge amount of investors money.

Originally published at on September 23, 2015.