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DeVo Protocol Enters DAO Founder Phase

DeVo Protocol is a new decentralized ecosystem designed to facilitate trust-based interactions between volunteers, organizations, and groups in need. DeVo funds and rewards altruistic efforts through proven state-of-the-art blockchain architecture. This Phase will fund the DAO and grow the number of strategic partners and advisors.

For far too long, the centralized nature of the non-profit sector has created immense issues for volunteers, volunteer organizations, and marginalized groups. Funds can’t be tracked, responses are mismanaged, volunteers feel unappreciated, and worst of all people in need do not receive the care they deserve and that donors expect. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Founder Phase will put capital behind DeVo’s vision of providing volunteers, charities, organizations, donors, and those in need with help through a perpetually funded & fully decentralized organization.


Volunteers make up the majority of non-profit organizations but are the least represented and often feel unappreciated. This disconnect between volunteers and organization administrators has been widening, especially as modern technology demands a solution. Additionally, while people volunteer for many reasons, it is difficult to track, share, and authenticate service hours. Furthermore, volunteers do not have clarity regarding the resource allocation of non-profit organizations for which they volunteer.

DeVo creates a unique identification and authentication process verifiable on a transparent blockchain. In the form of a wallet address, their identifier will receive non-transferable NFT badges after completing volunteer work for a DAO-approved volunteer organization. This makes it easy for anyone to verify the work done by a volunteer as it is stored openly and not restricted by proprietary centralized volunteer management software. These addresses can be used to raise proposals to the DAO or receive rewards for their good work.

Since volunteers are on the ground and see firsthand what is needed, the ability to propose allocation and response proposals not only gives an unparalleled voice to volunteers but also results in more effective resource allocation. Furthermore, DAO volunteer rewards will increase volunteer morale and can help pay back costs, such as gas or food, allowing them to continue volunteering. In addition, DeVo will provide volunteers the ability to institute their own projects and receive both funding and volunteer help.

Volunteer Organizations (VOs)

Volunteer Organizations face three core issues: sourcing donations, finding properly skilled volunteers, and providing logistical responses to adversities. All three are not only difficult to achieve but are also expensive. The end result is a lack of funding, a mismatch of volunteers, and inadequate care.

DeVo ameliorates these issues for Volunteer Organizations, allowing their attention to shift from administrative activities to focusing more on volunteers and marginalized groups. VOs can make proposals to secure funding directly from the DAO. They can also utilize the protocol to seamlessly identify and onboard qualified volunteers. Furthermore, transparency of funds results in a high level of accountability, leading to accountable spending, which results in marginalized groups receiving optimal care and donors being assured that their funds are being utilized effectively.

Marginalized Groups

Those in need of aid suffer while much of the donations that are intended to aid them are consumed by administrative fees. They also have limited to no voice in the care they are receiving which can lead to mismanagement of needs and overall ineffective support. In addition, although modern technology has helped facilitate communication, there is still a large disconnect between marginalized groups and volunteers/VOs.

Using DeVo, marginalized groups can register for verification, without sacrificing their personal information, receiving a unique identification on the blockchain in the form of an NFT and wallet address. As many marginalized groups are bankless, this is a modern solution to directly provide capital to someone in need by funding their wallet. While volunteer organizations can provide feedback from the ground, the people who make up the communities being helped have specialized knowledge that is currently unutilized. With the emergence of the DeVo Protocol, members of marginalized groups can make proposals to the DAO based on their experience and perceived needs. In addition, marginalized groups will have full and direct access to other resources on the DeVo network such as volunteer organizations and direct help from qualified volunteers.


With reports that only a fraction of the funds that are donated make it to those in need, it can be difficult for donors to trust that their money is going to good use. When they do donate, donors receive a limited scope of information regarding how effectively their gifts are being used through flowery annual reports and have essentially no say in how their money is spent. This leads to donors being very selective regarding their donations, resulting in a negative downstream impact on all other parties involved. DeVo affords donors unparalleled access and clarity to the caregiving process and how their funds are used to accomplish altruistic efforts. Public proposals and transactions provide clarity and control regarding where money is being spent. The ability to make proposals gives donors a front-row seat in the decision-making process and establishes a stronger connection between donors and the issues they are passionate about resolving. Furthermore, historically, every dollar donated was only utilized once. Using advanced staking mechanisms, donations through the DeVo network are perpetual and continue to benefit those in need long after being donated.

Technical Overview

DeVo leverages pre-audited and upgradeable smart contracts to build a highly secure protocol that is adaptable for the ever-evolving blockchain space. The total initial supply is 600,000,000 DEVO tokens with an initial proposed phase one price of 0.10 USDT/DEVO, phase two price of 0.20, and phase 3 price of 0.30. The initial weight for voting on proposals is 51% of votes cast to pass, matched with a required 15% participation rate. Here is a further breakdown of the technical aspects of DeVo smart contracts and DeFi token-economic solutions:


Time-Locked Staking, Liquidity, and Yield Rewards conservative consistent revenues to propagate ecosystem growth using proven DeFi Protocols (eg. Barnbridge, Aave, Uniswap, etc.).


Allocated DeVo initial yield for Vault Liquidity providers, partially time locked. Fees from contract interactions and the ecosystem. Surpluses deposited into Vault and paid to VOs, Marginalized, Volunteers, Multisig, and Organizations.

-Liquidity Pool

Locked Liquidity, Community Liquidity, and VO or Organization Liquidity yielding returns from Allocated Yield from Reward Pools determined by DAO.

-Foundation Multi-Signature Wallet

Percentage of Fees, Raise Funds, Yield Surpluses, and Donations. Includes adoption grants, investment grants, ecosystem grants, and proposal grants.

-DAO Wallet

Percentage of Fees, Raise Funds, Yield Surpluses, and Donations.

-Volunteer Organizations Pool

VO and Organization pool funds with yield determined by DAO.

-Rebase (V2)

Non-Dilutive Supply adjustment for yield rewards will allow for continued growth and phase-out of foundation ownership of DAO over time as Governance position declines naturally due to yield payout.

Become a DeVo DAO Founder or Advisor

DAO Founders will be tasked with progressing DeVo’s vision with initial funding and proposal voting. Participants must be non-U.S. citizens.

To become a DAO Founder, click the following link to complete the 5–10 min KYC registration process with DeVo:

Advisors with expertise in non-profits and/or blockchain technology are necessary for DeVo’s success. Advisors' expertise will be leveraged by DeVo’s DAO Founders and team to make informed decisions and advance the growth of DeVo in a strategically sound way.

If you are interested in becoming a DeVo Advisor, please complete the following form:

Interested Volunteer Organization or Volunteers

DeVo will soon develop a private alpha testing phase and will need interested volunteers and volunteer organizers to participate.

If you would like to join us or learn more, please complete the following form:


Volunteer Organizations:

Join the DeVo Community

The value of a passionate crypto community can not be understated. Where there is a good project there is strong community backing. DeVo needs a diverse community passionate about helping others who can help guide and grow this project.

You can find and join the official channels of the DeVo community using the following link:



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