Moving your NodeJS Projects to Kubernetes in Bluemix

Binding Services Without Hassle

Jesse Antoszyk
Apr 7, 2017 · 2 min read
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Move your NodeJS app from CloudFoundry to Kubernetes in Bluemix.


Scenario 1: Your app is using Watson services exclusively

name: binding-conversation-car
key: binding

Scenario 2: Your app is using the vcap_services module

Scenario 3: Your app is not currently using the vcap_services module

var cfenv = require('cfenv');
var appEnv = cfenv.getAppEnv();
var service = appEnv.getService('service_name');
var service_username = service.credentials['username');
var vcapServices = require('vcap_services');
var credentials = vcapServices.getCredentials('service_name');
var service_username = credentials['username'];

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