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Top useful and most popular DevOps Tools

Best open source DevOps Tools and Technologies.

DevOps Mojo: DevOps Tools

The purpose of this article is to introduce most popular and widely used DevOps tools to build enterprise-grade cloud native applications.

Container Orchestration: Kubernetes

Kubernetes (also known as K8s) is the most popular open source container orchestration platform…




Your place to learn more about DevOps. Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Helm, ArgoCD, Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Istio, Ansible, Jenkins, Fluentd, FluentBit, IaC, GitOps, CI/CD, Git, etc.

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Ashish Patel

Cloud Architect • 2x AWS Certified • 5x Azure Certified • 2x OCI Certified • MCP • .NET • GCP • Docker • Kubernetes • Terraform (

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