Docker commands cheat sheet

We will discuss commands to create docker image,container,run,start and stop and different aspects.

create an docker image from docker file — docker build -t Imagename . (make sure you are in the docker file location before you execute the above command)

  1. Pull Docker Image.
docker pull Imagename

2. start a docker container in interactive session.

 docker run -t -i Imagename /bin/bash

3. start a docker container in background ( d- refers to deamonize the conatiner)

docker run -d Imagename /bin/bash

4. To name a container while its starting

docker run -it -name <conatinername> <dockerimage>
docker run -d -name <conatinername> <dockerimage>

Manage Docker Containers

create docker image from running containers.

docker commit -m”message for image” ‘<conatinername/Id>’ <imageName>

docker ps -a — list all docker container both running and stopped

docker ps — list all docker running container

docker start ContainerName/id — start a stopped docker conatiner with the specified ContainerName

docker stop containername/Id — stop the container with the name.

docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq) — delete all the(run&stoppped) conatiners in the host.

docker inspect containername/id— get the details (meta data like, hostsname ,ipaddress, network information etc..)of the container.

docker restart containername/Id — restart docker container

docker stats containerName/Id — gets us the cpu,memory and network utilization of the containers.

Commands inside docker containers

to see the number of different process running inside the containers

docker top <continername/Id>

Manage Docker images

docker rmi dockerimage — remove the docker image

docker imges— list all the exitng images in the current docker engine.

Manage Docker Cluster

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