Setup monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana in Kubernetes — Start monitoring your Kubernetes cluster resources

When you run a Kubernetes cluster on eg. Amazon EKS as I did, it will be very useful to monitor your resources used, how the pods are and metrics received from other services inside Kubernetes.

This guide about Kubernetes monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana is expected to know how Kubernetes in essential works and what Metrics data are, I will not go into the deep about it for this article.

Prometheus configratuion

I love to isolate using a namespace in Kubernetes and it makes everything easier to watch where the resources are used so late to create a namespace for our monitoring work area.

Now we have the namespace created we are ready to add Prometheus from Helm into our cluster and install Prometheus inside our monitoring namespace.

When you can confirm it's installed and up and running we can export the pod name and create a port forward from our local system into our cluster using the port-forward command.

You will see the list of port 9090 listen on traffic, so now visit http://localhost:9090/ in your browser and see it working

It's working when you see this screen and you can now close the port forward and…

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