Software Architecture in GCP— Use Pub/Sub with Cloud Storage to process data automatically when data changes in a Bucket

When you are working with applications in general you will probably know the issue you upload a file and you need to do something with it, eg. you upload an image and then you need to resize it into different sizes or you need to unzip a file uploaded to a single folder.

This can be done in many different ways, one way will be to create a VM and then set up an FTP server or transport your files with SSH or you can use Google…




Sharing of much content of DevOps Engineer, Software Architect or Software Developer to teach more people to bee better specialist in the field. Primary focus are DevOps

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Paris Nakita Kejser

Paris Nakita Kejser

DevOps Engineer, Software Architect, Software Developer, Data Scientist and identify me as a non-binary person.

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