9 Companies You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Using DevOps

DevOps is becoming one of the most popular and widely adopted methodologies in the tech world. This is a statement we have all heard many times over, but who is actually using DevOps? A lot of major enterprises, that’s who. From government organizations to the biggest social media sites in the world, DevOps has been adopted by some of the most innovative IT teams in the world. Here is a list of the top 9 companies you wouldn’t expect using DevOps.


Starbucks started its DevOps initiative in April of 2015 with their #DevOpsTogether campaign. Which is a touch cliche due to the fact that DevOps basically means together, but that is beside the point. According to this Medium.com article, Starbucks CEO is a big supporter of the DevOps idea and is working to keep his company technically innovative.


As an early adopter of the DevOps movement, Ancestry.com should be seen as one of the pioneers in the Continuous Delivery and DevOps movements. Switching to these popular methodologies back in 2013 has made a real impact on their release times and company happiness. To learn more about their process, migration, and DevOps culture check out a couple of their articles here.

Ashley Madison

No one said this was going to be a DevSecOps blog, even though the recent database hack has become a poster child for DevOps security. At the risk of starting a much larger conversation, I will say the debacle surrounding this illustrious company has helped shed light on the fact that maybe DevOps doesn’t always need to mean faster and more often. Here is a DevOps security article with some good points.


This company DevOps (used as a verb?). Not only is Etsy a super cool company that is perfect for buying all of your holiday gifts, they also DevOps hard. In 2008 they were watching Flickr release 10 deploys a day, by 2009 they were building their own tools to release code better, faster, and not only by the dev team. You should most definitely read this great “How Etsy makes DevOps Work” feature and check out their Code as Craft blog.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Ha! I bet you wouldn’t have expected this one. The U.S. Government is surprisingly active in the DevOps space with the Department of Justice, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Federal Reserve all adopting the methodology. Hopefully DevOps is helping them get through all of that paperwork and bureaucracy movies tell us they have to deal with constantly…

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