DevOpsLinks + DevOpsDays Cuba = ❤

As part of our commitment to supporting the DevOps community everywhere in this planet, I am happy to announce that DevOpsLinks is the community sponsor of DevOpsDays Cuba.

The event will be held on Monday, Oct 23, 2017.

Four days of conferences, presentations, talks, workshops and experience sharing until Oct 27, 2017.

During these days, DevOps practitioners and experts from Cuba, South America and from everywhere else (US, Europe ..etc) will be hosted at the Central University Martha Abreu of Las Villas on Monday, Oct 23, 2017 till Friday, Oct 27, 2017.

Have Something to Share with your Fellow DevOps ?

To take advantage of the different event sections and promote the interchange about the latest trends of DevOps movement, DevOpsDays Cuba suggests the following topics:

  • Software development practices in DevOps world
  • Velocity, sustainability, technical debt
  • Quantification of productivity, failure and risk metrics
  • Professional development, teaching, training and mentoring
  • Training Junior developers and their transformation on Senior developers
  • Security from Software development
  • Success and failure stories
  • Lean Technology Processes
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Continuous Improvement

Other topics are also accepted (Microservices, Containers, Hiring ..etc).

So, if you have something to share with your fellow DevOps professionals, just send your purpose, DevOpsDays Cuba Team will be happy to hear from you !

Interested in Sponsoring the Event ?

( and spending some days on a contemporary Caribbean hotel .. )

DevOpsDays is a self-organizing conference for practitioners that depends on sponsorships.

Sponsors have the opportunity to have short elevator pitches during the program and will get recognition on the website and social media before, during and after the event.

Sponsors are encouraged to represent themselves by actively participating and engaging with the attendees as peers.

Any attendee has the opportunity to demo products/projects as part of an open space session.

Gold sponsors get a full table and Silver sponsors a shared table where they can interact with other professionals during breaks.

All attendees are welcome to suggest any subject they want during the open spaces !

If you’re interested in getting valued during this open event, drop an email at [organizers-cuba-2017[at]devopsdays[dot]org ]. For more information please download and view the prospectus.

A Discount for DevOpsLinks Members

Thanks DevOpsDays Cuba :) DevOpsLinks members will have a preferential price for this event (hosting + transportation) !

Just join us and we’ll be sharing more information about the discount voucher in our newsletter and the slack team chat.
Hosting Location

I’ll be There !

I’m happy that I’ll be there as a speaker, I’ve got a lot to share with you ! If you need to contact me before the event, drop me an email.

Connect Deeper

DevOpsLinks is proudly sponsoring DevOpsDays Cuba, join us to get more information about this event and your discount voucher .

If you have a talk you’d like to share with the community during this event, or want to sponsor it, drop an email to [organizers-cuba-2017[at]devopsdays[dot]org ].

DevOpsLinks have been sponsoring different events like Jenkins Community Days or devops REX, and now DevOpsDays Cuba.

If you’re looking for more visibility for your DevOps-related event, service or product, we’d be happy to hear from you, join us !