Top 12 IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine

When a business decides to outsource some of the operations, the next step is finding a reliable IT outsourcing company, and Ukraine is a great place to look for them. Ukraine was named the best IT outsourcing country of 2017 and is constantly listed in Bloomberg Innovation Index. Thus said we composed a list of top 12 IT outsourcing companies founded or located in Ukraine.

Many of these companies are mentioned in IAOP report of 100 best outsourcing companies worldwide and other reputable ratings like Clutch, Gartner and Forrester. Like with the previous list of top DevOps companies in Ukraine, we hope this article helps you make an informed decision and select the best partner for your projects.

The companies are listed in no particular order, as their positions in the aforementioned ratings differ depending on the field they are listed for:

  1. N-iX
  2. EPAM
  3. Ciklum
  4. Infopulse
  5. IT Svit
  6. GlobalLogic
  7. Luxoft
  8. DataArt
  9. SoftServe
  10. Miratech
  11. Intellias
  12. Eleks

Below we provide a brief overview of all the companies listed.


N-iX is one of the oldest and most renowned players of Ukrainian IT outsourcing market. They have over 10 years of experience with providing various types of IT services using multiple programming languages and tools. The company offers a wide range of services, from game development in Unreal Engine and Unity to iOS/Android mobile app development. It is one of the most dynamically growing IT companies on Ukrainian market, as it grew more than 300% over the last 3 years, with the industry average growth being 20%.


EPAM is amongst the oldest and biggest IT solutions providers in Eastern Europe and worldwide. This 25+ years old company houses 23,000+ IT professionals, spans across 4 continents and 25 countries. Its vast portfolio includes all kinds of IT services, from Web development and SAP development to data science, IT consulting, and building enterprise-grade applications. While corporate headquarters were moved to the US, there are several EPAM R&D and support centers in Ukraine.


Ciklum is the major software developer and IT consulting provider with emphasis on constantly training new software developers. They maintain several training programs (Brain Basket Foundation and BIONIC University, as well as various scholarships) and employ the best graduates to further bolster the company services. The range of Ciklum services spans areas like Web & Software development, R&D and Technical design, DevOps and Big Data analytics, QA and testing, UX/UI consulting, etc. The company prides itself with scaling 25 startups to the IPO stage, working with top-10 European companies, offering services in 15 languages, etc.


Infopulse is another long-standing IT services provider with deep expertise in software and hi-tech, automotive and telecom, banking and financial industries. The company was founded in 1991, currently spans across 9 countries of Europe, serves customers from 22 countries across the globe and houses more than 3,000 IT professionals, 60% of whom have 6+ years of domain expertise. The key competencies include including software engineering and data security services, app virtualization and delivery, cloud infrastructure and SAP solutions, telecom solutions and customer service.

IT Svit

IT Svit is among top-3 IT outsourcing companies of Ukraine and listed within top-10 Managed Services Providers worldwide, according to Clutch. The company is more than 13 years old and has 6+ years of expertise in providing DevOps-as-a-Service. They completed more than 600 projects, and worked with the top-10 European market players in marketing, transportation, finances and telecom. The range of IT Svit services includes DevOps services, Big Data analytics and data science solutions, ML & AI training, web development and QA, full-cycle services for startups, etc.


GlobalLogic is a Lviv-based Managed Services Provider, continuously listed amongst top-10 IT services companies by reputable sources like Gartner. The company positions itself as and end-to-end IT services provider with 15 years of experience. GlobalLogic fields an in-depth expertise in software development and IT security, DevOps services and delivering Big Data solutions, corporate-level SAP products and custom software delivery, UI/UX and product design. The company works with The Economist, Reuters, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Cisco and Oracle, Nokia and Qualcomm.


Luxoft is a Switzerland-based software delivery giant, originally founded in Ukraine. With 13,000+ employees in R&D centers in 41 country worldwide, Luxoft provides an extensive range of services, covering all the needs of the modern customer-centered business. Their areas of expertise vary from mobile & web development, information security and digital experience design to IoT, Big Data analytics, DevOps services and custom on-rem clouds. The company works with Daimler AG, Amazon and Deloitte, Qt and Sitecore, as well as the leaders in finances and automotive industry, healthcare and logistics, energy and publishing, media & publishing.


DataArt is the global network of companies that provide full-cycle technology services. As one of the oldest and most respected players in the European IT services field with 20+ years on the market, the company expertise is frequently covered by Forbes and The Washington Post. DataArt is ready to offer the services of 2500+ full-time specialists in 20 R&D centers across the globe, and boasts more than 400 accomplished projects annually with 95% customer return rate.


SoftServe positions itself as a digital innovation company, which combines the latest technology with expert consulting to deliver the results the customers require. The company fields 5200 employees in 30 centers across 12 countries and maintains an internal SoftServe University, with 70% of its graduates joining various branches of SoftServe company. The areas of expertise include DevOps, Big Data, AI & ML, innovation consulting, Internet of Things, Product experience design, and digital transformation. Their customers include Deutsche Bank and Atlassian, Cisco and Logitech, Pearson and Panasonic.


Miratech focuses on delivering relentless performance to guarantee customer success. The company was founded nearly 30 years ago, has 14 R&D centers across the US, EU and Asia, where more than 870 employees deliver their Master-grade services. The culture of Relentless Performance ensures 99% customer satisfaction rate. This allows the company to attract the customers like Philips, Samsung and Genesys, Raiffeisen Bank and OTP bank, as well as multiple companies from banking, insurance, telecom and VC, healthcare and high-tech.


Intellias is one of the fastest-growing Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies. Founded in 2002, it now grew to more than 1100 employees with deep expertise in DevOps, Python and Java development, C++ and .NET solutions, web and mobile development. Intellias serves customers from 10 countries in the EU and the US, with successful projects in eLearning, retail, finances, banking, iGaming, travel and telecom, real estate and advertising. Also the company has been featured in 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 List and recognized by Inc. 5000 and GSA UK Awards.


Eleks is a Lviv-based software development provider with emphasis on IoT app development, applications for wearables and mobile apps. Since its foundation in 1991, Eleks has been striving to deliver the products that matter, the solutions that improve the quality of life. This is why the core Eleks areas of expertise include the IoT, AR/VR/MR, blockchain, data science and digital enterprise products, mobility, cloud management & DevOps. Eleks has served the customers in retail, eGov, healthtech and logistics, agriculture and media. With 5 R&D centers across Eastern Europe housing 1000+ professionals, the company is able to serve the requests of Blackboard and Autodesk, Oxyleme and Bank of New York Mellon group.

Final thoughts on 12 most prominent Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies

As you can see, there is a wide variety of IT outsourcing services providers in Ukraine, from huge international corporations spanning thousands of employees to smallish companies. What unites them all is a long history of success and high level of service quality, which results in partnership with industry leaders worldwide. This is also proven by regular awards and gratifications from global technology and research authorities like Gartner, IAOP, Forrester, Forbes and Clutch.

Depending on the scale of your project, your industry and budget, one of the companies above would be a perfect fit for bringing your ideas along the shortest route from challenges to success. But in case you need a true expert assistance with leveraging the latest DevOps tools and practices think about Spaceport team!