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Are You a Stinking Christian?

We can only hope.

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The odor

Shortly after chopping onions, tomatoes, and cilantro to make pico de gallo for dinner, I came down with the stomach flu. The pungent odor of cilantro lingered on my hands for days and caused a strong aversion to the smell of this herb. My stomach would lurch in disdain when I walked into a grocery store stocked with fresh cilantro.

Years passed, and I decided to desensitize my taste and smell to cilantro. I would eat minimal amounts and increase it little by little. Now I can eat it in salsa and pico de gallo with enjoyment.

The aroma of Christ

Do we give off an aroma as Christians? The Bible says we do, but it’s not an actual scent emitted, such as from onions or roses. We give off the nature of Christ as He works through us when we have a personal relationship with Him; this can be pleasing or disgusting, depending on who the recipient.


2 Corinthians 2:15–16 CEB says:

We smell like the aroma of Christ’s offering to God, both to those who are being saved and to those who are on the road to destruction. We smell like a contagious dead person to those who are dying, but we smell like the fountain of life to those who are being saved. Who is qualified for this kind of ministry?

From this scripture, it sounds like we put off two contrasting scents as a Christian. One scent is a beautiful aroma to others who know Christ. One scent is ugly to those who do not know Christ.

Who is qualified to do the ministry of God?

All those who know Jesus and desire Him are qualified. We don’t need a master’s degree, only a relationship with the One who gave Himself for us. And guess what? He leads us, parades us, and sends us like a proud papa to do His work, never forsaking or deserting us. He loves us so much.

Are you a stinking Christian?

Do you smell like life and truth to some but to others like death? You may be a stench to some, and that’s a good thing. Little by little, as you bring the message to hurting souls, this stench may eventually turn into a pleasing aroma of a healing, graceful, life-giving Christ.


Thank you, God, for leading us through Christ as if we were in a parade. Release your fragrance of Knowledge through us to the world. Amen

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