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Feeling the Bleak Midwinter Blahs?

We all may catch this virus.

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Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. (Matthew 4:1 ESV)

I am experiencing the bleak midwinter blahs. I did not put up a Christmas tree or any decorations during the holidays, not even a wreath on the front door. I haven’t felt the desire to write an inspirational thought. I even struggle to accomplish minimal daily tasks. And guess what? Not one of my grandchildren remarked why there was no Christmas tree. No one has asked why I haven’t written anything lately, and I am okay with all of this. I actually feel a little pressure off my shoulders.

A difficult year

This past year has not been without its difficulties. I had a terrible case of shingles with pain that lasted for months. I had surgery on my heel that took forever to heal. After many prayers, I lost a nephew to Covid. I had two major knee revision surgeries. On top of all of this, my energy is low, my knees still hurt, and I have painful arthritic hands. The icing on the cake is the short-short days of winter. Yep, I’ve caught the mental virus of the midwinter blahs.

Okay to not be okay

I feel the blahs, and is that so bad? I ask myself, “Do Christians continually have to be upbeat?” The answer is, No! We will all experience times when, like a bear, we climb into our cave to hibernate or like the Israelite children who had 40 years in their wilderness. There is a possibility that we may need this downtime. If the spirit led Jesus to do this very thing, then it’s alright by me.

Hope on the horizon

There is a possibility that these blahs I view as a mental virus may instead, be the cure, the nasty medicine to soothe the soul, the painful surgery to remove the rot, or the uncomfortable treatment to bring renewed strength. The remedy is a time of midwinter blahs.

I’m content! I know the sun will eventually shine longer and warmer. Hope is on the horizon. I know God can do His work on me even when I am not working for Him.

I need to be patient. I feel an awakening.

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