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How to Become a Devotable Contributor

Our Complete Writing and Style Guidelines

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What is Devotable?

Devotable is a collection of writers, authors, and bloggers who come together and create content that helps uplift Christians daily and spread the Gospel around the world.

We want to help YOU connect with God daily, on whatever medium you choose.

What do we publish?

We publish the following types of articles;

  • Christianity — We love to read about what God is teaching you. Share your Bible studies, reflections on biblical passages or sermon notes, personal testimonies, etc.
  • Devotions— We publish short and medium style daily devotions. Devotions should challenge the reader to go deeper in their daily study time with God
  • Life Lessons— Do you have a practical life lesson God has been teaching you? Please share it with us. Often, we are drawn to other people’s stories because they resonate with our own life story. If God is teaching you a lesson, share it with others.
  • Faith/Love/Christianity/Missions — If it has to do with spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, submit it. We’ll review it and see if it fits.

We recommend that all our writers be paid Medium members, and we prefer stories that are behind Medium’s paywall. That helps us, as a publication, and you, as a writer, get wider visibility via potential curation and distribution.

This means more money for you if you’re a member of the Medium Partner Program. And, if you’re not already signed up for the partner program, what are you waiting for?

Submission Rules — boring stuff, but it’s important

By submitting to Devotable, you agree to comply with ALL our rules and requirements. Writers whose submissions are repeatedly rejected for rule violations may be removed from the publication.

Character Guidelines

  1. You must be a Christian, not merely in “label” but in truth. If you’re not sure what it means to be a Christian, please contact us and we would love to share the gospel with you.

Contribution Guidelines

  1. Your writing should be original to you (no plagiarism). In other words, you need to be the original author of what you plan to publish.
  2. Your writing needs to be fresh, not something you have taken from others or reposted. The only exception to this is if you have a devotion you’ve obtained permission from us to repost on our site from your own site or project.
  3. Your submitted writing should be at least 400 words long.
  4. Your devotion must be about a relevant Christian topic and not too “preachy”; meaning we’re not here to get on a soap box about politics, gun control, murder, drugs etc.. Although sometimes those topics are addressed in a well written manner, you should choose your topic carefully.
  5. You must be willing to engage with the readers who post comments after your article. Building and sustaining an active and productive online community is very important in order to be considered as a Devotable Author.
  6. You must be willing to tweet about, Facebook, Pin, (etc.) and use the social sharers to get the word out about the other writer’s articles that are posted on the site, not just your own! Sharing is caring…
  7. You must be willing to share the Gospel. In everything we do, our main goal is to show people who Jesus Christ is and how to accept him as their savior. You writing must reflect this in word and principal.
  8. All submissions must comply with Medium’s Rules and Ad-Free Policy. Stories behind the paywall must also comply with Medium’s Content and Curation Guidelines.
  9. We only accept unpublished drafts. Stories published outside of Medium are welcome to be submitted as unpublished drafts, but posts already published on Medium are not accepted. The only exception to this is if you have published the story on your own (not in another publication) within the previous 24 hours (yes, we can tell). Sometimes accidents happen, and we hit “publish” before we’ve submitted to our intended publication. We’ve probably all done it at one time or another. DO NOT DELETE AND TRY TO REPUBLISH THE SAME STORY. This is now unacceptable, according to Medium guidelines.
  10. All submissions must be family friendly. This means no detailed descriptions of sex, drug usage, or criminal activity. You can mention it if it’s critical to the story (some of the stories of our lives before Christ had some very dark moments), but you don’t have to dwell on it. No swearing — not even “light” swearing. Some of us have found out the hard way that even words WE don’t consider to be swearing can be considered by OTHERS to be swearing. So, we want to avoid offending people. When in doubt, go ahead and submit, but please note the editors reserve the right to change any such language however we deem appropriate for our audience.
  11. We do not allow submissions whose sole intent is to sell or promote a book, blog, service, or product.
  12. We do not publish any posts that are heavily political in nature. As a publication, we acknowledge Jesus as our King and ruler. More often than not, man-made politics cause division and harm.
  13. All submissions must be in English. You are expected to fully edit any story before submitting to ensure it is as free from error as possible. Grammarly and Hemingway are excellent free tools you can use to help with this. Please, if English is not your first language, have a native English speaker read over your story before submitting.
  14. You retain all rights to your story and can remove it from Devotable if you choose. However, we ask that you keep your submission with us for at least 30 days, and that you make no major changes to it once it has been published. Also, please note that if you habitually remove your stories from our publication, we may remove you as a writer.
  15. Submissions must follow our Style Guidelines, which you will find below.

Style guidelines — how we want your story to look

These style guidelines are meant to ensure consistency of appearance, so Devotable looks like any other high-quality publication online or off.

  1. Word Count — We publish stories with a minimum of 400 words. There is no ceiling to the word count.
  2. Title — Your title must be formatted with the big “T”. Capitalize all words except prepositions, articles, or conjunctions that have fewer than four letters. There should be NO period at the end. And use only single quotes, as relevant.
  3. Subtitle — You must use small “T” for this. Capitalize only the first word, proper nouns, or titles of works in italics or quotes. Again, there should be no period at the end, and use only single quotes, as relevant. Note: If you do not understand what we mean by big “T” and small “T,” check out this Medium post.
  4. Headings — Please include some headings to break up your work. Try to avoid adding punctuation (except for question marks) to the end of headings. Use single quotes when relevant.
  5. Kickers — These should be inserted above the title, using small “T.” Kickers are allowed, but they are not required. For more information on what kickers are and why you might want to use them, see this post.
  6. Quotes — All quotes, both scripture and otherwise, must be cited. Scripture should always be in block quotes (like the one below). Words inside a block quote don’t need quotation marks, but it’s okay to add them.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things. (Philippians 4:8, NIV)

For block quotes, click the quotation marks (in the same black bar with the title and heading “Ts”) once; for pull-out quotes, click twice.

Pullout quotes look like this:

Use pull-out quotes to break text up and add white space for reading

7. Pictures — All stories must have at least one image.

Insert the first (feature) picture directly after the title and subtitle.

All photos should be royalty-free and must have some citation regarding the source — Unsplash, Pixabay, etc., author’s photo, or however the author got permission to use the photo. We prefer that you include a hyperlink to the image source. This makes it easier for other people to locate, if interested. And it gives a little added “link love” to the artist.

Here’s an article about where to find great royalty free images.

8. Tags — Please remember that you must include at least one tag from among the categories listed above: Devotions, Christian Living, Life Lessons, Christianity, Prayer, Faith, Love. Medium allows you to include 5 tags for each story, so please make sure you’re including 5 tags for each story you submit.

9. Three Dots — We reserve them for use before our Devotable logo and publication information at the end.

10. Drop Caps — We do not allow the use of drop caps in any of our stories.

11. Affiliate Disclosure — While we allow stories containing affiliate links, these links must be identified clearly, per Medium guidelines (see the link under Submission Rule #1).

12. SEO — This is a complex subject, so we will not go deep on how to properly SEO your submission. But in general, you should have a keyword or key phrase that you are targeting when writing. That could be a specific search term, Bible passage, or something else.

That keyword or phrase should appear in your title and several times throughout your article. Also, you can click the … at the top of your article and click More Settings and make sure that same keyword or phrase is in the SEO Settings — SEO Title and SEO Description portion of your article.

For a deep dive into SEO and how to properly SEO articles on Medium, please refer to this article by Casey Botticello.

How do you become a Devotable contributor?

You’ve made it this far, so you really want to become a Devotable writer!

Go to our website and sign up. This will allow us to add you to our writer mailing list and help organize our writers. This will also start the verification process where you’ll need to sign our Statement of Faith and Writing Agreement. These are formalities meant to protect you as a writer, and make sure you understand where we’ll be using your writing and agree to those terms.

How do you submit a draft?

Once you are added as a Devotable writer, you may follow Medium’s process for adding a draft to a publication. All submissions must be made through this process.

  • We accept and publish only one submission per writer per day.
  • It takes time to review, edit, and publish drafts. Please give us time.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any story.
  • If we feel a submission is not yet ready for publication, we’ll leave a private note (or possibly more than one) explaining why. Once you address the issues mentioned in the note(s), your story will be published, but not before then.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you so much for your interest in writing for Devotable. We look forward to being in fellowship with you!

Credit: Part of these guidelines are taken from the Koinonia Publication.




Devotable publishes Christ-centered material that encourages believers daily and spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

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Devotable is a collection of writers who create daily devotion content that uplifts believers and spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

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