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Is This Our New Norm?


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Isaiah 40:8

The grass withers; the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

We were out of town on vacation when we heard the news about Covid19, which called for a stay-at-home mandate. My daughter called to tell me to be sure and get toilet paper before our trip home. We could only find tissue and paper towels, so we bought these. We would have to make do. When we got home, we were not fully aware of what lay ahead.

The news was not good, and commentators kept asking, “Will this be our new normal?” My husband would not agree to this term. After two years, he admits that Covid has changed things.

This new normal feels anything but normal.

I believe masks may be here to stay, grocery stores will still have some empty shelves, and many businesses have closed their doors forever. Some have lost loved ones, and will never hold them in their arms again. Many lost their jobs. We learned a new way to wash our hands and sanitize things.

My trust has changed in the news, the medical field, the political realm, the market, and public life. Even after having three vaccines, we can’t trust this as reliable. I noticed that anger, intolerance, and impatience are higher than ever before.

Who can I trust?

However, I have not lost all hope because I have a Father who is unchanging. He knows all, sees all, and is all. God is all wisdom, truth, justice, and love. I trust that He is steadfast and sure, even when everything seems chaotic.

Numbers 23:19

God isn’t a man that he would lie, or a human being that he would change his mind. Has He ever spoken and not done it, or promised and not fulfilled it?

Is this our new norm? I honestly don’t know, but He gives me a sense of normalcy as my immutable Father. I place my trust and hope in Him, knowing He will never fail.

Hebrews 13:8:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and tomorrow.

How is your new normal?

Are things in your life difficult? Are you fearful and afraid of the future? Do you miss the old normal? If so, then let the Lord be your rock. Put your trust in Him, and He will give you new hope with a better normal.


My Father God and Lord Jesus Christ, I place all my hope and trust in you. Thank you for being the only reliable stability of my life. In your presence, I am safe. Amen.

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