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Still Playing Hide and Seek?

Maybe it’s time to come out of hiding

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So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36 ESV

The Games Children Play

On a warm summer day, you could find all the children in our neighborhood outside playing barefoot on the grass. These were carefree days of pretend forts, high tree castle towers, gallant steed stick horses, and baby dolls that we coddled as our own. I remember playing games like tag, follow the leader, red light, green light, or Simon says.

One game we particularly enjoyed was hide and seek. One person is selected to be “it.” This one shuts their eyes and counts to a determined number while the others hide. After counting, “It” says, “Ready or not. Here I come.” after which proceeds to search for those hiding. If “it” cannot find anyone, they yell, “Olly, Olly, in free.” That is the cue for everyone to come out of hiding.

Not all children are blessed to have the security of a loving family. I did. Being cherished and protected helped lay a foundation where a belief in a loving heavenly Father came naturally. Yet, as naturally as it was, I still realized that I had a sinful nature. I did things that made me ashamed, and I wanted to hide that shame, to keep it a secret. Jesus knew and loved me anyway. He wooed me out of hiding to come into His forgiving arms of love.

The Games We All Play

The Bible tells us that everyone sins, and just like Adam and Eve, this sin causes us to want to hide. However, God had a plan to help us once and for all. He came to earth with physical flesh, bones, blood, and skin. He came not as a priestly regal king but humbly, meek, and mild. A helpless baby born in a cow stall would be God in the flesh, our Redeemer.

Most humans can relate to an average man, but Jesus was not average in the spiritual sense. He lived a spotless, righteous life even though He met with temptation, just like us.

What was God’s remedy?

His excellent gift was spiritual healing. He gave the blind, lame, deaf, and sick physical healing. However, He knew that physical healing was only temporary as our bodies age and die. Spiritual healing was the living water for the thirsty soul, light for the darkness, abundant life for the weary, and nullified death by His mercy and grace. He would bestow real hope for the first time since Adam hid in the garden. He had come to reclaim, rekindle, redeem, release, and restore.

Jesus had one last act in the final days of His physical body. He would climb up a hill to Calvary with a cross on His back. He was bruised and battered, mocked and betrayed, smitten and rejected. He willingly gave His physical body to us as He endured the pain of nails driven into His hands and feet. He was thirsty. He was in agony. He and the Creator are one, so He had the power to come off that cruel cross. He endured the enslavement of those nails so that we could have freedom. His unlimited riches of love paid the debt of sin.

Adam and Eve hid in shame in the garden many centuries ago. We still conceal ourselves in fear of our condition. But, don’t we know that sin’s sickness is made whole because of Christ’s stripes on His back?

Grace is no game

We no longer need to hide in shame because Jesus bore our shame. He pleads with us, “Come out!, Come out, wherever you are.” He stretched wide His arms of love on that cross that day, for you and me. His words were, “It is finished.” Three days later, He triumphantly rose from the dead. He was and is and is to come. We say to Him, “Your it!” and His message to us is, “Olly, Olly in Free!”

Why are you still hiding? Would you like to come out today?

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