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Diversity in the Workplace

Women are killing it in the Tech domain and how.

Our Head of HR shares her thoughts on how women are going big and bold in the tech space.

Women are known as the best Jugglers /Multi-taskers between their Home, Kids, Elders and Work!

Women having this inborn talent of a multi-tasker have been proving society wrong and working in tech companies and are fully aware of the dedication it requires. This situation can be challenging for women sometimes, but it’s not different from many other fields; it’s just a matter of choice.

When working in organisations, women have faced many challenges — including society’s beliefs on women’s capabilities and what a woman is expected to do. Though there are still some issues concerning the gender gap, women are killing it in male-dominated industries.

The conditions are far from glamorous, but female programmers have proved their mettle with their meticulous work ethic and attention to detail.

Many women are appreciated for what they do in tech. As a tech company, we are working out the best way to prevent women from leaving tech and figuring out the best way for women to get into leadership positions, replacing all the myths around our Industry.

Slowly, the world is changing its opinion on gender bias regarding “Women at Work”. Salaries are not decided based on gender anymore.

Moreover, organisations gladly extend their arms to attract, engage and retain women in the Industry. However, the challenge has been the diversity through Middle Management and Leadership roles.

Organisations have started stepping up to growing more lucrative engineering jobs to help Female technologists invest in their skills, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cyber Security and many others.

I believe that the Corporates are working towards representing Women’s recognition and respect in the Industry by initiating many significant Programmes for Women’s advancement and introducing many mental and physical health programmes.

Men from the Tech industry are encouraged to address gaps with unconscious biases that hinder leadership growth and career advancements.

Women engineers demonstrate innovative thinking and navigate their careers into new technology domains. So, undoubtedly, “Women are killing it in the Tech Space.”

Last but not least, I would like to recognise one sect of Women strongly — You might know who?


Article contribute by our Head of Human Resources, Sumana Mattayi. You can find her here.




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