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Dec 24, 2021 · 3 min read

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year!

A lot has happened this year, with ups and downs we have perceived and we’re looking forward to celebrating a prosperous and bright 2022 for everyone in our community and the Dev Protocol.

Nothing feels more like holidays than presents so we’re happy to announce on our newly open Dev Protocol Community Shop! Initially, official Dev Protocol shirts and hats had been created as gifts for our team members, but we heard a number of requests from our community members to establish a shop selling Dev Protocol related merchandise.

If you’re looking for presents or want to have a cool Dev Protocol or Open Source Software (OSS) related item, check out the items below and visit our shop page ( There you will be able to buy the products and many more!

In the Dev Protocol Community shop, you can find a selection of items like official Dev Protocol T-shirts, caps, beanies and OSS dedicated items as well. Here are a few of the items in our shop:

You will also be able to find goods for daily use or posters:

Have a great new year and take care! If you have Dev Protocol merchandise, tag us on Twitter using it! Let us know and we’ll share it with everyone!

🎄 🎄

Last but not least, we’ve just started “Community Builders Program”, which offers Dev Protocol Community shop items as one of the benefits. We’re looking forward to seeing applications from candidates who show high interest in Web3 as well as blockchain for social change and contribute to the project with our community members.

Dev Protocol is the core of the Decentralized Creator Economy that supports sustainable revenue opportunity and global expansion with web3 technology. Tokenize your project with ‘Proof of Ownership’ and start your own economy easily with a powerful blockchain solution designed to help grow your projects.

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