Dev Protocol Update-June 2020

Jul 7, 2020 · 3 min read

Latest staking data, Fundraising & Partnership, Token Allocation, Protocol Update, Community Update

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Hello everyone!

June was full of news. 🌪🌪🌪 It’s been a tough ride for small Dev team, but we made it through and we’ re happy to welcome a new month. 🎋🌌

Latest staking data

Results (MoM)

  • Total Supply: 12,427,723.65 (+7%)
  • Total Staked: 246,593.4(+542.37%)
  • Total Creator Rewards: $358,354(+883.55%)
  • Toral Staking Rewards: $344,301(+17854.68%)
  • Total Staking Rate: 1.9842%(+500%)
  • Percent of Circulating Supply Staked: 39.96%(+1623%)

As some of you may know, a lot of investors started coming in on June 2. Thank you all so much for finding us early on and accelerating Dev so much!

We are especially excited about “Creator rewards $358,354 a month”. This is a huge profit earned by OSS, which is free and open to the public. It’s already becoming as much of an impact as the salaries paid by a company. Dev Protocol is just getting started, but we will continue to work hard to get more open and creative works out into the world! 🌝

Fundraising & Partnership

We have raised equity funding to accelerate Dev Protocol and have also announced a business partnership with FISM. We will continue to develop and improve the UX of and grow DApps on Dev Protocol.

Token Allocation

We have announced our first token allocation plan to keep the ecosystem transparent. Stay tuned for further updates.

Protocol Update

In June, we released four DIPsーDev Improvement Proposals. Of these, DIP4 had the biggest impact.

DIP4 is now activated. Please visit V2. 🥨

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Key Features after DIP4 🥨

  • No more mining is needed. The reward increases per block.* Please reload the website
  • The interest rate is now the same for all properties. Please check APY for the latest rates.
  • You can also withdraw your rewards before DIP4. The new interest rate is automatically applied to your staking. No need to re-stake.

The biggest thing about DIP4 is that it’s now easier to support OSS, which has fewer DLs. We will improve the system to make it easier for creators to participate and easier to support creators who need support. 👨‍💻

If you’re new to, please check out the FAQ. ▶️

Community Update

We have opened a Japanese language channel on Discord. 🇯🇵 日本のコミュニティも盛り上げて行きたいので、ぜひご参加ください!👾

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Discord はこちら 👾


Dev Protocol is also a governance token and is governed by Policy. If you have a suggestion for Policy, please submit a DIP and vote for it. ✋

There are already 7 proposals in the last month alone.

That’s all! We’ll do our best in July as well.🎋

Stay tuned for the next update. 📰

Dev Protocol🌐🥨

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