September Update: Github, Khaos, and Growth!

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Github Integration

The Dev Protocol team is excited to announce that we launched our integration into Github which will allow OSS developers to sustainably monetize their projects. The Github integration is an important milestone in realizing Dev Protocol’s mission to fix the value capture issues that open asset creators face. The integration exposes Dev Protocol to Github’s 40 million developers with 2.5 million developers being open source contributors. Dev Protocol’s CTO, Aggre, announced the integration at Microsoft’s Open Tech Night. Please find the link below for more insight and the panel’s transcript.

Microsoft Panel Transcript

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Source: Github’s “The State of the Octoverse”

Vyper Joins

Vyper is the first OSS project to leverage Dev Protocol to tokenize their Github repositories. Vyper, which was originally conceived by Vitalik Buterin, is a Python-like language for writing EVM smart contracts with an emphasis in the language’s design on readability and audibility. Vyper’s smart contact language is used in Curve Finance and Uniswap V1. Currently, Vyper has over 100 maintainers supporting the project’s development. We hope that Dev Protocol can serve as a catalyst for Vyper’s continued growth. If you want to support the Vyper project by staking DEV tokens then click the link below.

Vyper Profile

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Khaos Oracle is Released

The Github integration provides Dev Protocol’s Khaos oracle its first implementation. Khaos’ functionality allows for the confidential authentication of credentials from off-chain platforms to enable on-chain use cases. Dev Protocol’s market integrations (Github, Youtube, Spotify) will all leverage the Khaos oracle. We will publish an in-depth article on Khaos in the coming weeks. In the interim, visit our Github documentation on the Khaos oracle.

Khaos Oracle

New Updates

Dev Protocol saw tremendous staking growth in August totaling a 105% increase (MoM). The staking growth serves as solution validation for supporters’ interests in using Dev Protocol to finance creators. Creators received 11,083 DEV as rewards while supporters received 10,648 which brings the total supply to 12,435,254 at the time of writing.

The team is working hard on creating a new interface for The focus of this update is to make Stakes Social more informative, more personal, reduce clicks, provide a mobile friendly experience, and create an overall sleek interface. In addition, we’re working on important features that will provide a better experience for our users such as more wallet integrations, one click withdraws, fiat conversion rates, and max stake/withdrawal amounts. This UI/UX update is the first of many to eventually deliver a service for end-users without the high barrier user experience of Dapps.

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Sneak Peek of Stakes Social Update

Community Bounty: Exia

We allocated 10,000 DEV for the first community bounty to help expand the user base and promote Dev Protocol. Please visit the Github page to find the details on how to participate and get rewarded.

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Coming Soon!

The team is also working on completing an external audit, creating a liquidity program, and expanding the core team. We hope to share all these details with you soon!

We believe we are currently building a strong foundation that will serve as support for our growth in the near future. We’d like to thank the community, our advisors, and Microsoft for Startups for their help along the way.

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