The Next Step for KHAOS

Stuart Kuentzel
Nov 16 · 2 min read

KHAOS has been an integral gear in the ongoing success of DEV Protocol. For those new to KHAOS, you can read about it in detail here, but in the most basic terms, it is a way for developers to feed external data to Ethereum while hiding the private keys of the users.

The Current State of KHAOS

KHAOS was originally developed by the DEV Protocol team to allow users to make authenticated Github requests on-chain, while keeping their private key secret. Here’s a quick rundown on how KHAOS can be used by developers…

  • KHAOS is flexible enough for developers to create KHAOS Functions using the KHAOS Starter Kit

The Future of KHAOS

As DEV continues to grow, we began to realize that KHAOS can also expand in scope and flexibility. Moving forward, we imagine developers and businesses running their own KHAOS servers and associated Solidity contracts. Why would a business run a KHAOS server?

  • If you work in the world of Ethereum, running a KHAOS server allows your developers to feed real-world external data into Ethereum that would normally require private-key access

Incentivizing running a KHAOS server creates a network of servers that compete for users trust, which is absolutely crucial for KHAOS. Since servers have access to user’s private keys, businesses or developers running the servers must compete for community trust.

As the DEV Protocol continues to move forward, KHAOS will be a pivotal part of not just DEV, but the larger Ethereum ecosystem.

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