Upcoming Clubs


Thank you for waiting.

We will further promote that creators and backers work together to drive project growth and are equally rewarded.

Perks and allocation for stakers

Since the beginning we have always wanted to create a way for stakers to be rewarded for their patronage and with our upcoming release, this becomes a reality.

“Clubs” is our new portal for DAOs that demonstrates the true value of funding through staking by offering perks. We hope to show off the extraordinary capabilities of Dev Protocol’s Social Tokens through this new feature. So what are Perks and how will they work?

Perks are a new incentive to boost staking──locking $DEV on a project──and add an additional layer of incentive to staking rewards.

You will experience exclusive offers of special access, content, and real-life experiences gated by $DEV staking. Backers gain both economic and cultural benefits from staking, and for creators it turns new project features, advance access, and other productions into increased revenue for their projects.

For the first time, Clubs is releasing a “Community Allocation” that allocates creators’ Social Tokens to stakers. This means an additional stream of staking APY and bringing the potential of upside to each project.

Backers earn Social Tokens on a pro-rata basis according to their staking amount, automatically and permanently capturing the upside of the total staking rewards a project collects. If you now have 5% of Social Tokens, you can capture “2.55% = 51% x 5%” of the value the project earns; Perks-boosted staking growth boosts your APY, and that growth is yours as long as you hold Social Tokens.

Auction, Commerce

An exclusive auction and commerce experience gated by Staking is coming as well.

By staking you can earn access to NFTs by creators, authentic works of art, products not available to the public. This allows you to become part of an exclusive group by supporting your creators and receiving benefits in return.


Staking is not the only way to indicate your status in a project.

Quests are a path for you to get more advantageous Perks and larger allocations through your contribution to the project.

Quests are a new DAO experience that brings the interaction between backers and creators to a whole new level.


Two cultural Clubs will open this May, and beyond that will come large OSS community Clubs.

We will announce the first Club experience shortly, so be sure to join our community on Discord and be prepared to be the first to see updates.