Submit an HTML form without a form backend

Early days when I was learning about HTML, there was a huge struggle on how to retrieve form data. Using HTML or CSS we are unable to capture form data. For that we have to use a programming language, in most cases, it is PHP or JavaScript. Using PHP we can capture data by $_POST[‘submitted_data’]. Then we can save it to our database or send it as an email to the relevant parties.

So I thought what if I can make this simple, no more backend, no more programming languages involved, no more SMTP server setup or 3rd party email service providers. Then I thought what if I can give this free for everyone without any limitation. So, everyone, even students can use this for their projects.

FormSubmit Logo

That is why I build FormSubmit. FormSubmit eliminates that struggle and also it gives a very simple way to work with it. You only have to change your form action, point it to FormSubmit.

then the magic happens.

FormSubmit contains

very clear documentation
lots of advanced features
spam protection
google captcha protection
free for unlimited submissions

Connect your form to FormSubmit endpoint and we’ll email you the submissions. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required.

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